Ok, first question, you are kind of a big deal where fashion is concerned, so, where do you stand on the outfits for DWTS? Will you embrace the sequins and spandex fully?

It’s an amazing show, the wardrobe department are absolutely phenomenal, they are quite small but they do what they do brilliantly, so, I’m embracing the sequence, the spandex, everything they throw at me and I’m just unleashing myself to their mercy but they are brilliant. Niamh and Monica are fantastic, I’m loving letting them do their thing and letting me focus on the dancing.

What made you decide to do DWTS?

The production has asked me to express my interest for the past two years, and this year, something just felt different. I felt like it was the right time for me to do it. I travel so much with my business, my work through the UK, Europe and USA that I thought, now is a nice time to do it. Obviously, I just launched Kennedy & Co in November so the timing on that front was great and also it just allowed me bed into Ireland for a few months and  also learn a brand-new skill that I have never done before and to see how it goes!

Are you a naturally competitive person?

I find that a tricky one to answer as I reckon my friends would probably say I do have a competitive edge but I’m probably my own worst enemy.  I’m competitive with myself, I always want to do the best for me and in this scenario, I have my partner Karen and I want us to put our best foot forward, but most of all I just want to enjoy it.

What is the most exciting part?

It has to be the comradery. Getting to know the other contestants and throwing myself absolutely head first into something that I have absolutely no experience of! Some of the other contestants have some dance or acting experience but I have absolutely zero. You are learning a new skill, it’s like a wave, it rises, it drops then it rises again and going out there on a Sunday night in front of a live audience in front of hundreds of thousands of people with my family in the audience and that is exhilarating.

Did you watch the show before?


To be honest, I only ever caught snippets as I was never really around to watch consistently. However, I did take part in the other show Can’t Stop Dancing so I had been out there once or twice.

Who are your biggest supporters?

My biggest supporters without doubt are my Mam and Dad, Valerie and Michael and my family and friends.  My nieces, 5 year old Taylor and 3 year old niece Gabrielle, without shadow of a doubt are the no 1 supporters.

If you weren’t doing DWTS what would you be doing at the weekend?

I would definitely be going out for dinner and having a nice brunch at some stage. If I’m not away, possibly hiking in the Dublin mountains, getting plenty of fresh air with Harry my dog. And of course, meeting my family and friends.

As a clubber are you first on the floor or last?

To be honest I wouldn’t be a massive clubber but don’t get me wrong, if I’m out and having some fun and the tunes are on, I’ll jump up and have a bop but learning to dance and the choreography for dancing for the stars is completely different.

What so you hope to get from the show?

I just want to have fun, enjoy it and milk every ounce of fun from the show that I possibly can and enjoy the experience. It really is a once in lifetime experience and unless you do it, it’s very hard to understand what it is, how it is and what it feels like and who knows, I might get more wedding invites after this, I’ll be a great wedding guest.

How do you feel about the tanning?

Interestingly, I was in Brazil for Christmas, so I came back with a bit of a tan as it was summer over there. So, this week, week 3 will be the first time I get tanned, so watch this space!

Do you have any unfulfilled ambitions?

Yes, I have lots and I ‘m working my way through them, that’s what I call life.

Do you take criticism well and are you nervous of the comments?

I take constructive criticism well, I’ve been watching the panel and I think in fairness, the criticism has always had a constructive angle, that I can absolutely cope with as it allows you grow and develop your own skills. I do get a bit nervous about the comments but at that stage you have done your best, I try to go out there and enjoy it, it is what is it, I try not to read into it too much. I always try to put my best foot forward.

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