Electrolysis – Why it’s still Current – The Answer to Permanent Hair Loss for Lighter-Pigmented Hair


The Wicklow Street Clinic is one of the only remaining clinics in Dublin to carry out Electrolysis. Why? Because laser doesn’t always work, especially on lightly pigmented (red or blonde) hair and The Wicklow Street Clinic’s therapists are highly skilled in this service – which is the only hair removal system to be granted the title ‘permanent’ by the FDA (laser is technically described as permanent hair management).


Electrolysis (many professional therapists refer to it also as Diathermy) has been around for nearly seventy years, but like galvanic therapy has seen a resurgence over the last few years, the hair removal method that was used decades ago is still current and ready for a new generation to embrace it.

For many Irish women Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is a constant daily battle. Signs and symptoms of PCOS include irregular or no menstrual periods, heavy periods, acne, pelvic pain and patches of thick, darker, velvety skin. It can also mean unwanted hair growth. If it’s dark hair, laser hair removal can be very effective. However, if it’s hirsute lighter or red hair it’s not as easy to remove. Laser depends on darker pigments to remove the hair follicle.Electrolysis removes the hair follicle in both dark and light hair for good.For many, unwanted facial and body hair from hormonal imbalances is the least of their problems, however it can be a very stressful side effect.

Electrolysis (also called diathermy) is a real antidote to stubborn unwanted hair. It’s the only hair removal system to be granted the title ‘permanent’ by the FDA (laser is technically described as permanent hair management). This is because the follicle is completely removed, there is no chance of more hair growing back due to hormonal issues.Electrolysis may be a slower process but sometimes ‘slower wins the race’ if it means you don’t have to repeatedly pay for laser to be done.

Lighter Hair

Because laser hair removal uses light to destroy hair, and as a result is more tailored to removing dark hair. So individuals with red or blonde hair can find that laser is ineffective in removing their unwanted hair, and that’s where Electrolysis can help, it removes all type of hair irrespective of colour.


What is Electrolysis

Electrolysis involves a tiny needle, smaller than most hairs, inserted into the hair follicle, which is a hollow shaft, so you don’t feel discomfort. Then a small amount of Electrolysis, which feels like a tiny burst of heat is released into the follicle. The heat cauterises the tiny blood vessels supplying the hair and separates the dead hair from its base. The hair is then gently removed. You don’t feel a pluck!



Although the treatment removes only one hair at a time, The Wicklow Street Clinic’s therapists are experienced and very fast. Unlike Laser, where you have to wait for the hair to fall out by itself, the hair is removed instantly.


Where Can It Be Used?

Electrolysis can be used on most areas of the body and on every single hair colour! it has permanent hair removal status for all hair colours. The most popular area is upper lip and chin, neck, sides of face, breast area and tummy, but it can be used on ears, brows, hairline and on gents’ collar lines.

Your initial appointment will include a detailed explanation of how the course of treatment will work for you. It is highly suitable for both Men and Women.

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