Sanitise your makeup tools with Ella & Jo’s Squeaky Clean Brush Cleanser

We’re all well aware of the need for increased hygiene at present. The importance of thoroughly washing our hands and disinfecting  surfaces on a regular basis is consistently emphasised but it’s also worth considering additional ways we can  reduce the spread of germs in our homes. Makeup brushes can be a breeding ground for bacteria and given that they touch your face everyday, they really should be sanitised with an antibacterial cleaner after each use. This doesn’t need to be an arduous task, with Ella & Jo’s Squeaky Clean Brush cleanser you can  disinfect our brushes in a flash!

About Ella & Jo Squeaky Clean Brush Cleanser  €20

Squeaky Clean Brush Cleanser was designed with both the professional and non-professional in mind. It has been produced and manufactured in Ireland and designed to change the mindset around brush cleaning and to take the “chore” element away. With modern day busy schedules, most of us, unless in the professional trade, don’t find the time to clean our makeup brushes and tools as often as we should.

This one product will clean, disinfect and condition the brush fibres on both natural hair and synthetic brushes so that brushes will last longer. It is convenient to use and is specifically designed to extend the life of your brushes. Squeaky Clean Brush Cleanser removes pigments, oil and product residue leaving your brushes smelling fresh and ready for re-use within minutes.

How to use: Spray 2-3 times directly at brush hairs, wipe clean using disposable material or a clean dry towel, leave to dry for 2 mins & voila your brush is ready to re-use. For denser foundation brushes a second application may be needed. Please wait until brush is fully dry before re-use.

 Ingredients: Isopropyl Alcohol (70%), Aqua, Citrus Aurantium Duclis (Orange) Peel Oil.    Size: 200ml