Eminence is Ireland’s fastest growing organic spa brand, providing cosmeceutical results without any of the possible side effects. They are committed to sustainability and plant a tree for every product sold (12 million to date). The products are also made using solar and wind energy.

We caught up with Rasa Levinaite, owner of The Wicklow Street Clinic, to find out about why she chooses to use Eminence products in the clinic.

Why does The Wicklow Street Clinic choose to use Eminence products?

Eminence is fastest growing organic luxury Spa brand in Ireland. It’s different in that it’s phytoceutical and organic. There are lots of organic brands out there but they’re mainly oils and emulsions, which will do a certain amount for your skin, but for long-lasting change or for someone to ask you if you’ve had some subtle work done, you need phytoceutical or cosmeceutical products.

Eminence is akin to an organic chemistry brand. You have these salon and spa brands that are cosmeceutical. Eminence gets the same (if not better) results as them but with a harm-free mix of organic ingredients from seeds and plants, with really strong results; using the anti-ageing, anti-acne and anti-rosacea attributes within plants from around the world.

A good example is the retinol-alternative range that uses plant stem cells from the Tara tree to recreate what retinol does (anti-wrinkle action) but with none of the possible side-effects. Another product is the Citrus + Kale Potent C&E serum which has this incredible firming action that increases collagen production.

For a therapist, it’s a dream brand to work with, people genuinely see their skin transformed before their eyes. It’s high-end, but your skin is worth the investment.

What facial would you recommend for dry skin?

We are great believers in customising treatments for skin. The Personalised Prescription facial is definitely our go-to facial; this unforgettable facial will treat all skin types. If you were coming to us with dry skin, you can be sure we will be using products to repair the skin and hydrate throughout the different layers of the skin. Eminence is the only mixology brand where products won’t interact. Our two stand out products for hydration is the Chocolate Mousse Hydration Masque (yes chocolate!) and Monoi Age Corrective Night Cream for Face and Neck.


What facial would you recommend for oily skin?

Oily skin can be such a complex skin condition, as dehydrated skin can be oily! Or you can have a classic oily skin with breakouts. Again, the Personalised Prescription facial could be a go-to but really for oily skin, you may want to look at a course of peels to really get to the root of the issue. We recently launched the professional Acne Advanced Treatment Peel. This is a salicylic acid peel which will deeply penetrate pores to dissolve excess build-up, powerfully cleaning out blackheads and preventing future congestion. This combined with homecare is the perfect plan to balance oil in the skin.

What facial would you recommend for combination skin?

Our Eminence Signature Vitamin C Facial! This facial is what Eminence is all about its suitable for all skin types. Herbs and spices are used with a Hungarian lifting massage that will leave your skin invigorated. All this will get the circulation moving and will bring oxygen to the skin. This combined with the powerhouse ingredient Vitamin C and your skin will have a truly phenomenal result of clear, toned, and refreshed skin.

Is there any downtime after any of the Eminence facials?

No, you’ll just feel refreshed and on cloud nine when walking out the door. For those few clients, we do have to return to work we can apply Sun Defense Minerals. This will give you some UVA / UVB coverage after the treatment.

 If you want to see optimal results, how often is it recommended to go for a facial?

Every four weeks – 48-72 hours after a facial skin hydration will be increased and 28 days after cells regenerate, long term benefits kick in.

What are the biggest mistakes Irish women are making when it comes to their skincare?

Not wearing SPF! You need to protect your skin in all types of weather. In Ireland, we think if we don’t see the sun there is no harmful rays or the other side if the sun is out we need to get a tan/red. Absolutely we need to get our vitamin D, but we need a happy medium.

When a client comes into us with a new pigmentation mark and they want an answer as to why and how it happened, the first thing I always want to know is when you were younger were you good with your sunblock or were you a bake yourself with baby oil kinda person? If you were a baby oil type, we need to treat the skin with lightening products to break down any hyperpigmentation and going forward you need to make sure you apply SPF every day. Of course another reason is, what Irish people seem to forget is skin cancer. We need to protect ourselves. Every year we see more and more cases happening.

We’re launching a new product this week, the Lilikoi Mineral Defense collection, a primer, moisturiser and sunblock. They’re reef safe, meaning they won’t affect marine life and give incredible protection from blue light (from our screens) and UVA and UVB light.

Apart from a good skincare routine, are there any other ways we could be improving our skin?

Working out! When you exercise it’s good for your heart, it increases the blood flow. By doing this, blood carries oxygen and nutrients to skin. This is how you get a natural glow on the skin.

Are there certain ingredients that you identify as toxic on the skin and should be avoided?

Yes! Parabens, propylene glycol, sodium lauryl sulfates, harmful colourants and fragrances, mineral oils, petroleum – just to name a few. They’re not good to come through the skin, it’s your biggest organ. Eminence has never used any of them in their products.

There has been some debate in the beauty industry regarding natural versus chemical products. In your opinion, is one better than the other?

Natural all the way! A chemical product might do a great instant job but long term, it could cause harm. Over time skin can thin and be more prone to sun damage, also age a lot quicker. Not to mention the carcinogenic effects on the skin. The fabulous thing about Eminence is they plant a tree for every product sold, so they are thinking about our skin as well as the environment. Also Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lawrence, Ariana Grande and Victoria Beckham are super fans, so if it’s good enough for them if it’s good enough for all of us.

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