I wanted to start this article off honestly and say that bladder incontinence isn’t glamorous, it isn’t something to be made light of but it is something that affects women worldwide. It isn’t  shameful but i don’t think people talk enough about it. There are many factors that contribute to bladder urgency or incontinence. When I first posted about my Emsella Journey with Elite Laser Aesthetics I wasn’t nervous or shy about it. At 43 my bladder is in pretty good shape , but in recent times I felt that I had the urge to “go” almost every time I went out.  This was of course not helped by the pandemic and being home for two years with very little pub or restaurant trips. The thing was though, that when I was out walking I couldn’t actually access a toilet and then I realised that my walks were getting shorter and my thought process was always about where I could find a toilet. Equally annoying were the toilet trips at night,  would wake two or three times to go. Now you might say drink less water or limit liquids after a certain time but what kind of life is that?


Middle age isn’t any fun, and looking after myself has become a priority. My job has evolved which means I am on the road more for work. I am also at the age of the Perimenopause, and bladder weakness is a symptom of this . Something had to give so when Melanie mentioned Emsella during one of our many chats I decided to try it, and agreed to document my journey on social media and by writing down my thoughts. 

The first thing I should say is that I never wet myself,  but by the time I reached the toilet  I would be bursting, even if the urge had only just started. So I didn’t have the worst ever urgency but it definitely was noticeable as I aged. I regularly woke during the night three or four times to run to the loo, not every night but frequently enough to notice. i had regular chats with my peers regarding getting older and it is not uncommon for people over 40 to be feeling less “in control”. 


Emsella is a chair ( really) that helps with Urinary, fecal and sexual incontinence. It is suitable for both males and females.The goal of Emsella treatments is to help men and women reclaim their body and restore quality of life. Over 200 million people worldwide are affected by incontinence, so this isn’t a niche thing. One Emsella session is the equivalent of 12,000 Kegels. Emsella utilises High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic (HIFEM) technology to stimulate deep pelvic floor muscles and restore neuromuscular control. A single Emsella session brings thousands of supramaximal pelvic floor muscle contractions, which are extremely important in muscle re-education of incontinent patients.A typical treatment takes about 30 minutes and you will need about 6 sessions, scheduled twice a week. You don’t have to remove any clothing and can sit there with a magazine or book for the duration of the treatment. You just can’t use any electronic devices during this time. Although there are intense contractions and tingling during the treatment, this is an easy procedure to sit through. There may be some stiffness getting up from the chair after the session, and some mild soreness the next day, but it does not interfere with any activities. I personally didn’t experience anything bar the tingling. The treatment feels comfortable 


My personal experience has been a positive one. I wanted to wait until I was sure that the results were sustained before I wrote the piece and I am happy to report that the “magic chair” is indeed  pretty magic. I have to say I attended two concerts with no “portaloo fear” and also am enjoying less frequent night time bathroom trips. It has also improved my fear during gym sessions particularly during squatting heavier things. I feel overall stronger in the pelvic area and the results have’t changed. 


Like any treatment , people have different levels of expectations, I was initially sceptical but I trust the team at Elite having had intimate laser hair removal there before. The clinic is private and discreet.  I would definitely recommend it for anyone that feels like they could do with a little oomph. 

You can contact Elite Laser Aesthetics in confidence for a consultation on  (021) 434 4791


by Mary-Jane