Gorgeous, thick and long lashes look amazing and ensure a perfect look! We often have to reach for false lashes to achieve this effect. They come in the most diverse versions, but until now, they all had one thing in common: lash glue.

Thankfully, this problem has been solved! From early December to mid-January 2019, the innovative essence trend edition magnetic lashes! false lashes 2.0 is offering six different false lashes that can be attached to the natural lashes with a magnetic strip – without the need for lash glue!

Simply separate the lashes, place one lash strip above the upper lash line and the other part below – the magnets will lock together to conjure-up dream lashes that flatter any eye shape. Another advantage compared to previous models: they can be used multiple times.

Cat Eye Lashes €7.50

Curvy Lashes €7.50

Drama Lashes €7.50

Glamour Lashes €7.50

Gitter Lashes €7.50

Natural Lashes €7.50

We’re buying all six! Who’s with us?