These quick workers are not just for Valentine’s Day; they’re for any time of the year to hydrate, get soft silky skin and increase radiance – fast, and in the ultimate sensorial luxury.


Eminence plants a tree for every product sold (10 million to date in sub-saharan Africa and India), products are produced using solar and wind energy and all packaging and packing is recyclable – they’re one of the first beauty brands to use cornstarch (foodstuff biodegradable) inner packing for products. Rest assured you’re beautifying your skin using a brand that is environmentally active.

Super Surge – The Chocolate Mousse Hydration Masque RRP €58

This is a surge product, an instant fix for dry and dehydrated skin. Eminence Organic Skin Care’s Chocolate Mousse Hydration Masque fights the visible signs of ageing instantly! It contains a healthy dose of antioxidant-rich cocoa, which is great for your skin, and macadamia, almond and jojoba oils provide deep hydration to leave skin looking smooth and refreshed.

Key Ingredients
Cocoa: high in flavanols (an antioxidant found particularly in cocoa), antioxidant, skin smoother
Macadamia Nut Oil: moisturising toner, softening
Almond Oil: vitamin rich moisturiser and conditioner
Jojoba Oil: nourishing and hydrating
Ginseng: revitalising
Vitamin E: hydrating antioxidant
Vitamin C: antioxidant                                                             Results:

The visible signs of ageing are reduced
Skin appears firmed and plumped
The appearance of wrinkle depth and fine lines are reduced
Eminence is constantly innovating our product formulations to deliver the best results.


 Seduction (and Soft Silky Skin) with Eminence’s Apricot Body Oil RRP € 41

Seduce your senses with Eminence’s luxurious Apricot Body Oil. Ultra-hydrating apricot oil is blended with an assortment of essential oils, such as grape seed and jojoba, to create a luscious massage oil that leaves skin feeling irresistibly soft and supple

 Key Ingredients
Apricot Kernel Oil: high in Vitamins A, C and E with skin softening properties, assists the skin in retaining the look of elasticity, clarity and suppleness
Grape Seed Oil: rejuvenating and restructuring qualities, moisturizes, reduces the look of lines and wrinkles
Jojoba Oil (Biodynamic®): nourishes and hydrates with one of the best absorption rates
Seabuckthorn Oil: vitamin and nutrient rich; protects skin cell membrane
Pomegranate Seed Oil: polyphenol-rich with high levels of antioxidants (even higher than green tea)
BioComplex: a booster of antioxidants, Coenzyme Q10, and Alpha Lipoic Acid to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and improve the appearance of skin



Epidermis is moisturised and feels revitalised
Skin tone appears improved
Skin texture appears softer and more supple


Speedy Radiance with The Firm Skin Acai Exfoliating Peel RRP €95


A peel is one of the fastest tracks to radiance you can do before a night out. The Firm Skin Acai Exfoliating Peel is an at-home peel that can easily be done before a romantic meal.A firming peel solution with cotton round pads for normal to dry or mature skin types. Hydrate your skin deeply and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with this active, exfoliating peel solution.Packed with antioxidants sourced from acai berry, grapefruit and goji, the peel also includes lactic and glycolic acids which result in firmer looking skin. Regular use of this peel will visibly increase skin’s firmness, restore its elasticity and reveal a smoother, softer, younger looking complexion.


Key Ingredients

Acai Berry: a powerhouse with high antioxidant, additional phytonutrient and vitamin content
Grapefruit:  rich in antioxidants and vitamin C; tones the skin
Lactic Acid: exfoliant that offers intense hydration
Glycolic Acid: exfoliant that rejuvenates, balances and smooths the look of wrinkles
Goji: antioxidants and carotenoids
Noni Fruit: reduces the look of inflammation and the appearance of wrinkles
Fruit Acids (from passion fruit and lemon extracts): increases the skin’s moisture levels
Sweet Pea: improves skin elasticity and firmness


Visible signs of ageing are reduced
Skin is plumped and hydrated
Skin is left soft and noticeably smoother
Skin is firmed and revitalised
Skin is prepared to receive further treatments for increased benefits
Results are enhanced when using entire Firm Skin VitaSkin™ Solution

USPs of Eminence:

Explore the award-winning Eminence Certified Organic Farm and see where certified organic ingredients grow.
Ingredient farms in Hungary are powered by solar and wind energy
Natural compost during planting
Planting and harvesting is conducted manually to decrease CO2 emissions
Use of only natural plant preservation techniques

Eminence partners and farms produce natural, organic and Biodynamic® fruits and vegetables

Products are handmade without severe heating or hydrogenating processes that can affect the nutritional content and potency of natural ingredients
Vitamins are captured in their all-natural fresh base, and seeds, pulps and peels impart regenerative and healing powers that only nature can produce
Free of parabens, animal by-products, propylene glycol, sodium lauryl sulfates, harmful colorants and fragrances, mineral oils, petroleum, and other harsh cosmetic chemicals


All boxes are made from post-consumer recycled material and can be recycled
Containers are made out of recycled, non-toxic plastic and are recyclable
All packing boxes are reused or recycled
Packing chips are made of 100% biodegradable corn that dissolves harmlessly in water
Eco-friendly software system means less printed invoices

Green Offices

Electricity usage is offset with wind power credits and solar panels on the roof
Letterhead printed on post-consumer recycled paper using vegetable-based inks
All paper used in the office is recycled
Office space is designed as an eco-alternative building

Courier company uses hybrid vehicles
Large shipments are sent on trucks running biodiesel made from recycled household vegetable oil
Products are shipped by air with Lufthansa – the leading airline in the fight against climate change
92% of employees walk, bike or take public transit to work

Green Spa Programme
Rewarding spas who are actively engaged in green practices
Recognised as a green spa on our Spa Locator for customers seeking eco-friendly spas

Forest for the Future
We plant a tree for every product sold through Forests for the Future

B Corporation®

Eminence Organic Skin Care is proud to be a Certified B Corporation®. B Corps are a new type of company that uses the power of business to solve social and environmental problems.
B Corp™ certification is to business what Fair Trade certification is to coffee or LEED certification for a building. They meet the highest standards of overall social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability.