Your skin is beautifully alive. It’s your body’s largest organ. Just as the right mix of foods from the earth nourish and repair your body, the right mix of ingredients from the earth help nourish and repair your skin.

Aldi’s brand-new Oats & Honey skincare range is made with Organic Irish Oats, from the number one producer of organic oats in the country, and Irish Honey. Bees pollenate local flowers and berries to make this award-winning honey, a product of Kilkenny for over 30 years.

“Aldi have done it again”, said Sinead Kavanagh, Aldi’s Beauty Ambassador. “These Oats and Honey skin care products are not to be missed. They are fragrance, paraben and sulphate free and leave your skin feeling beautifully soft and hydrated.”


Oats & Honey Deep Nourishing Body Lotion €3.99/200ml


This body lotion harnesses the concentrated goodness of naturally active oatmeal from organic Irish oats and organic honey. A Natural Triple Oats Complex which is high in Avenanthramides (known for its anti-inflammatory effects on the skin), combined with organic Honey and Hemp Oil helps restore the skin’s natural barrier function to significantly improve the skin balance. Skin is left feeling soft, smooth and looking healthy.





Oats & Honey Nourishing Face Cream €5.99/50ml


This multi protecting nourishing face cream contains a Natural Triple Oat Complex: Oat Beta Glucan, a natural moisture barrier and film forming agent against pollution, Oat Oil for deep moisturising and Oat Extract for nourishing and soothing. This is combined with organic Honey a natural humectant that retains water, assists the skin’s suppleness and elasticity. With SPF 25 providing UVA protection against the sun’s ageing rays.


Oats & Honey Recovery Face Serum €4.99/30ml

Fragrance Free skin soothing nourishing and protecting face serum. It contains Oat Oil; an oil extracted from whole oat kernels, which moisturises, nourishes, protects and helps keep skin healthy. Organic Honey, an antioxidant and rich source of nutrients, helps improves skin suppleness and elasticity. Hemp Oil, one of the richest sources of skin-nourishing omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids and Vitamin E helps give antioxidant protection and softens the skin.




The main extract benefits of Aldi’s Oats & Honey Range are:

  • Beta Gluten is the soluble fibre from oat kernels. It is known to moisturise and smooth out wrinkles.
  • Oat Oil is extracted from whole oat kernels. It moisturises, protects and helps keep skin healthy.
  • Colloidal Oat Meal is the whole grain including the bran layer, it is renowned for long lasting moisturisation, skin repairing and soothing properties.
  • Oat Silk is very fine flour from the oat kernels. It helps the skin stay healthy and gives silky skin feel.
  • Honey: Is an antioxidant, it encourages healthy cell growth, improves skin suppleness and elasticity.
  • Bees Propolis: Is anti-bacterial, it supports skin balance, renewal and is nutritious for the skin.