Stocking thrillers are an ideal holiday shopping category: They’re affordable, they are cute, and they often come in festive seasonal packaging that adds an extra air of celebration to the proceedings. A stocking filler does not need to be the centrepiece of the gift; it just needs to bring a smile to a friend’s face. They are perfect for your boss, for the sister you do not want to spend more money on,because you already bought her something she asked for, but want to surprise her,  for the boyfriend’s mum…or as a treat for yourself after buying all those gifts for everyone else. Self gifting is the future!


King are an established hair extension brand that have brought us, afforadble hair extensions, The Jewel, the best brush on the market especially if like us you are a bit fond of the backcombing of a Saturday night … Sunday is more bearable with a brush that doesn’t damage your hair or rip those extensions out. In recent times Sam has been developing products and accessories to make our days a bit brighter and our hair a bit more glam. She really pivoted her business during the pandemic and opened her new unit in the last few months. Frmall small acorns big things have grown for Sam and her team who are fun and vibrant and brighten our day with their fun content and luxe hair transformations. Since establishing the brand in July 2018 she has expanded her team to include distribution, marketing and stylists.


The team at King have developed a range of gifts for every price point starting at € 10.00 and also have their famous Kare boxes which are tailored to your hair care needs.


Check out their ultra- cute pic n mix section here :

For 2021 watch this space!