Innovation meets elegance as Irish jewellery brand Fields proudly unveils its new “Born Lab Grown Diamonds” collection. Crafted with care, these stunning sparklers are the perfect blend of technology and artistry. Be prepared to be blown away and to fall in love with this jaw-dropping range of diamond jewellery, which has classic ring designs (from €2195.00), essential and timeless diamond pendants (from €750.00), a beautiful tennis bracelet (€5995.00) and must-have diamond stud earrings (from €925.00).

These exquisite lab-grown diamonds redefine affordable luxury and are designed to tempt you with all the four C’s that regular diamonds are known for.

Lab-grown diamonds have captivated the world, offering an equally stunning alternative to traditionally mined diamonds. The Born Lab-Grown Diamonds collection from Fields takes this fascination to new heights by offering a diverse selection of finely crafted lab-grown diamonds in the most exquisite designs, that rival their natural counterparts in every aspect.

Unparalleled Beauty

The Born Lab Grown Diamonds collection at Fields offers a vast range of must-have gems, carefully grown using state-of-the-art technology that replicates the conditions in which natural diamonds are formed over millions of years. The result is magnificent and unique diamonds in classic designs, that exude brilliance and quality, which are designed to captivate hearts without breaking the bank.

Fields have nurtured the growth of these diamonds in their own design lab, and they are created using significantly less energy and water to produce compared to mined diamonds. With this stunning new range, customers can indulge in the luxury of a diamond with an attainable price tag.

Endless Possibilities

Fields Born Lab Grown Diamonds offer a wide array of options, including various cuts, carat sizes, and settings, providing customers with the freedom to find the perfect gem to express their unique style. From classic solitaires to intricate halo designs, as well as the must-have tennis bracelet and timeless diamond studs, this outstanding collection caters to many tastes and occasions, making each piece a beautiful symbol of love, commitment, and self-expression.

Must-have pieces from the new collection include:

Born 18ct Yellow Gold Lab Grown 1.20ct Pear Halo Diamond Ring (€ 2,750.00). This beautiful ring features a total diamond weight of 1.20 carat pear-shaped halo diamond, on a platinum band which is embellished with smaller stones. The modern pear stone offers a contemporary take on the classic diamond. The diamond features a minimum G colour and a minimum clarity of VS2 and is certified by the IGI.

Born 9ct White Gold Lab Grown 0.50ct Diamond Oval Pendant- (€ 1,150.00). This classic necklace is adorned with a 0.50 carat, lab-grown, oval-cut diamond and sits on a chain of 9 carat white gold. Perfectly sparkly and eye-catching.

Born 9ct White Gold Lab Grown 0.30ct Diamond Round Brilliant Pendant (€ 750.00). This beautiful pendant has a round 0.30ct carat diamond set in contemporary 9 carat white gold. This diamond features a minimum G colour and a minimum clarity of VS2.

Born 9ct White Gold Lab Grown 0.50ct Diamond Oval Stud Earrings (€ 995.00). These oval stud earrings total 0.40 carat of diamonds set in contemporary 9 carat white gold. These beautiful diamonds feature a minimum G colour and a minimum clarity of VS2.

Craftsmanship and Quality

Every diamond in the Fields Born Lab Diamonds collection is expertly cut and crafted by skilled artisans who are passionate about their work. Fields’ commitment to quality ensures that each jewel meets the highest standards of precision and brilliance, resulting in a diamond that is not only beautiful but also enduring.

Experience the Future of Diamonds

The Born Lab Grown Diamonds collection represents a significant step forward for Fields in the world of fine jewellery. Now customers can buy a stunning lab-grown diamond from us and Fields are delighted to offer these alongside their extensive jewellery selection at stores around Ireland and in the UK. These are a lot more budget friendly than mined diamonds, without sacrificing any of the standards that diamonds are known for.

Visit any of the Fields stores around Ireland to explore the Born Diamonds collection and witness the perfect fusion of technology, craftsmanship, and elegance.

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