IsaDora welcomes a wardrobe of mascara with five new arrivals! All are fragrance free and ophthalmologically tested.


Hypoallergenic Volume Mascara

Extra volume for sensitive eyes

IsaDora Hypoallergenic Mascara now also available in a new volume version. The same hypoallergenic formula but with a new volume brush.

  • Specially developed formula for extra sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.
  • Also suitable for shorter lashes.
  • Easy removal with luke warm water – gentle to your lashes and eyes.
  • Humidity resistant.
  • Smudge-proof.
  • Quick-drying.
  • Small, hollow brush and double loading effect of the mascara onto the lashes = EXTRA VOLUME!
    1. Regular mascara loading area.
    2. The hollow interior chamber of the brush provides a large reservoir of mascara bulk for instant quick loading of mascara onto the lashes. The small brush also allows and easy and precise application, especially in the inner corners and lower lash line.


Grand Volume Lash Curler

A superior curling and volume mascara

  • Curling mascara with a long-lasting hold.
  • Adds great volume and thickness to the lashes.
  • Extra long wear and smudgeproof – stays put all day long.
  • A creamy texture with great spreadability – easy to layer.
  • Special film formers (Polyimide-1) guarantees a great curl effect with a long lasting hold.
  • Thickening waxes build volume, length and thickness to the lashes.
  • Moisturising and softening agents for a comfortable wear and flexible lashes.
  • The eyelid shaped soft brush side grabs more lashes from the roots simultaneously, compared to a normal, straight brush. The brush shape makes it easy to push up the lashes.



Big Bold Mascara

Instant super volume effect!

A perfect combination of brush and mascara formulation to create instant volume.

The creamy, full bodied texture that coats the lashes and builds up the volume effect.

The fibre brush has been created with a special mixture of short and long bristles.

  • Short bristles: For fast and intense application.
  • Long bristles: Separation and definition.
  • Intense Black Pigments.
  • Long-lasting.
  • No smudging.




Big Bold Waterproof Volume Mascara

All the volume – and waterproof!

Volume mascara with a specially developed waterproof formula and a creamy, buildable texture that coats your lashes with volume. The perfect match between brush and waterproof formula that provides great volume, separation and definition. The mascara has all the benefits of the classic Big Bold Mascara, with the bonus of being waterproof. Applicator brush contains grooves with mascara deposit for great pick up and distribution on the lashes







Big Bold Extreme Mascara

The extra large fibre brush and flexible texture makes it easy to layer mascara into a more extreme volume.

  • Spectacular volume effect.
  • Creamy volume mascara formula.
  • Soft and flexible texture, easy to layer.
  • Extreme black.
  • Long-lasting hold.
  • Big fibre brush with a mix of short and long bristles – two brushes in one!

IsaDora is available in Shaws Department Stores and leading pharmacies nationwide.