Top 5 Reds for The Festive Season From CND™
We are fast approaching that time of year when rich red nails are a must have. With so many beautiful shades available from CND™ we have a red for all occasions. Here are some of our festive favourites!
Decadence– This deep red with a berry twist is a wonderful fit for someone looking to tap into their dark side!
Wild Fire is a show stopping flaming red, guaranteed to garner more than a few compliments.
Bordeaux Babe – A rich crimson, to match that glass of rouge we will all be clutching this holiday season!
Rose Brocade- A cherry red with a touch of pink that will give you that vibrant nail look. If you’re looking to make a statement, this is the shade for you.
Devil Red – A festive fiery red that will be sure to make an impression

All shades are available in both CND™ SHELLAC™ and CND™VINYLUX™ at professional salons nationwide. VINYLUX™ is also available to purchase with an RRP of €11.95.