As the Winter draws nearer and the sight of Mistletoe comes ever closer, it’s time to not only layer on the clothes, but to ensure we take care of our skin. One place which regularly suffers the strain of this change in temperature is our lips. Leaving them unprotected in the lead up to the festive season will cause them to become chapped and dry, leading to a very painful pout, something Celtic Wind Skincare have a sustainable solution for.




As our lips do not have working sebaceous glands, which serve the purpose of keeping them moist,  we have to rely on external treatments and products to keep our pouts on point.

One product which is sure to last all season long and make an ideal Christmas present is the new Celtic Wind Skincare CBD Lip Balm. Infused with sustainably sourced Irish grown CBD, this lip care offering from Celtic Wind Skincare will quickly become a mainstay in your everyday routine.


With a light vanilla scent, and enriched with Vitamin E, Shea Butter (which features Vitamin F to maintain your lips’ elasticity) and Vanilla Oil, you can wave goodbye to chapped, dry lips, while ensuring you’re protected from environmental pollutants and toxins thanks to this rich and protective lip balm throughout the winter months. This beauty must-have works in a twofold way: first it moisturises the lips, forming a barrier to keep the moisture locked in. Then it smoothes the texture of your lips, alleviating any roughness.


Celtic Wind Skincare – the brand on everybody’s lips this Christmas.