The process of developing and sustaining new life is one of the greatest feats the human body will undertake. The skin adapts to continuous movement of the body by expanding and contracting, but during pregnancy it may have insufficient time to adjust, causing internal tears in the skin tissue. When these tears repair themselves they form the scars that we know as stretch marks. Over 90%1 of women will experience them during pregnancy. Bio-Oil® Skincare Oil is the global leading stretch mark treatment for over 20 years.


Bio-Oil 125ml, €18.95, available from Stockists Nationwide


Gentle enough for daily application from the second trimester, the unique formulation of Bio-Oil® Skincare Oil keeps the skin well-hydrated and supple, working to maximise the skin elasticity and reducing the possibility of stretchmarks. The breakthrough ingredient PurCellin Oil™, locks in the vitamins, plant extracts and anti-inflammatory ingredients also aiding in their absorption into the skin. These ingredients, especially the anti-inflammatory Bisabolol, can help relieve the itchy and dehydrated skin symptoms of pruritis gravidarum2.

Bio-Oil Skincare Oil 60ml, €11.95, available from Stockists Nationwide 


Safe for use during breastfeeding and post-partum, up to 95%3 of users noticed statistically significant results in the appearance of their stretch marks with just 2 weeks of daily application and 100%3 at the 8-week mark with anecdotal evidence show that results are maintained even after use is discontinued. But the nourishing properties and quick absorption of this versatile product mean that Bio-Oil® Skincare Oil becomes an integral part of many mother’s skin care routines long after their pregnancy journey has come to an end.

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