As the new school year approaches, parents are gearing up to face the challenges that come with the changing season, early mornings, and the inevitable cold and flu season especially when it comes to your little ones who like to ensure they are up close and personal with each other every day!

Crafted with care Honey Jelly Pops (RRP €5.95) offer a soothing solution for sore throats and coughs that often accompany the back-to-school hustle. These child-friendly Honey Jelly Pops have taken pharmacies by storm across the nation.

Formulated and manufactured in Dundalk, Co. Louth, Tonstix Honey and Jelly Pops are a result of the founder’s dedication to creating a product that merges pharmaceutical expertise with practical parenting experience. Made with all-natural ingredients and medicinal free, Tonstix Honey Jelly Pops harness the goodness of honey to provide a gentle, temporary coating that helps suppress discomfort.

The unique melt in the mouth formula of Tonstix Honey Jelly Pops soothes irritated throats caused by allergies, infections, and viruses. Whether it’s the result of cold weather or close encounters with classmates, Tonstix offers a comforting solution. Available in two delightful flavours – Honey & Strawberry and Honey & Apple – the fruity taste appeals to children’s taste buds, making relief a treat rather than a task.

What sets Tonstix apart is its honey jelly  formula with the added goodness of Vitamin C and Zinc: essential nutrients known to bolster the immune system’s healthy function. These pops not only provide comfort but also support children’s well-being during the seasonal transition. Sized perfectly for small hands, Tonstix Honey Jelly Pops are designed for toddlers through tweens, ensuring comfort throughout all the ups and downs of the school year. With Tonstix Jelly Pops, parents can be better equipped to face the new school year and its associated health challenges head-on.

Created by parents to support parents,


Tonstix Honey Jelly Pops are priced at €5.95 and are available in leading pharmacies nationwide as well as Boots UK stores.