Love the elegance of the French manicure but feel like it’s a bit dated? Well, the French manicure is officially back, but this time with a colourful, geometric, and minimalist twist. This playful take on the traditional French manicure could be the solution!


French Manicure White €9.99

The Mavala French Manicure set is the perfect way to ease yourself into the trend. The set includes shades White, Reno and a Minute Quick Finish. The neutral colours are timely and timeless – they tie in beautifully with today’s natural, healthy look in makeup and goes with every colour inyour wardrobe!

Reverse French Nails

Instead of applying colour to the tips of the nail, try this eclipse design and apply White in a crescent shape along the cuticles. A simple yet edgy take on the classic.

French Line

This minimal design emulates French restraint but is also in-keeping with modern minimalism. It’s easy – just position the Sticker Guide at the top of the nail bed and another on the tip of the nail leaving a thin guide to trace a White line. Très chic!

Marbled Tips

Position a Sticker Guide on each nail to set the limits of the free edge you wish to highlight. Apply base coat to tips. Dot small amounts of Reno on top then reapply White in dots, using a detail brush to swirl the colours into an organic free-form shape.

Don’t forget to apply the Minute Quick Finish on top of your designs to dry your nail enamel in seconds and provide a brilliant shine to your nails!

Mavala is available in Minihan’s and other pharmacies nationwide.