Beauty look step by step by Linda Cantello, Giorgio Armani’s international make-up artist:

 “A modern take on the powerful women seen in the paintings of Tamara de Lempicka. A strong fire-engine red for the lips, warm blush and pale lowlights, erased eyebrows, all combine to create a fresh three dimensional face.”





Use ARMANI PRIMA GLOW-ON BALM on clean skin, ensuring the face is well moisturized. 

Correct skin imperfections with POWER FABRIC CONCEALER. Then apply DESIGNER LIFT FOUNDATION, but if skin is slightly oily use POWER FABRIC FOUNDATION. Use one to two shades lighter to natural skin tone. 



Contour the eye with the light taupe shade from EYES TO KILL EYE QUATTRO in #4, ‘Fame’, so the eyes look elongated. Add the same taupe shadow in the inner corners of the eyes.

Then wet the silver shade of the same palette and create two lines to frame the eye.


Use EYE & BROW MAESTRO in lighter shade than the eyebrows to neutralize the dark eyebrow color. On top, apply POWER FABRIC CONCEALER in #1 and brush and set the texture. The eyebrows should look as if they were bleached.



Apply NEO NUDE A-BLUSH in #30 on the cheeks, on the temples and tiny bit on the chin.

Then apply FACE FABRIC in shade #0 on the central front and on the nose.



Apply LIP MAESTRO in #409.

 Power at the end with NEO NUDE FUSION POWDER in #1.5.