Inspired by the epochal pieces and iconic materials of the couturier Yves Saint Laurent, the exclusive collection Le Vestiaire de Parfums revisits Yves Saint Laurent’s style in a collection of fragrant tributes, in an olfactory wardrobe inspired by his signature fashion statements. In 2017, three new fragrances joined the collection, inspired by three of the couturier’s emblematic addresses (the studio, the creative studio and the first boutique). And because Yves Saint Laurent was always fascinated by the Orient, five scents celebrate, within the collection, the Oriental inspirations of the couturier. Just as Yves Saint Laurent drew his inspiration from masculine garments to reinvent women’s wardrobes, YVES SAINT LAURENT BEAUTÉ has created compositions showcasing an unexpected match of contrasting ingredients that achieve a perfect balance, reflecting the couturier’s personality. Each fragrance dresses the skin, revealing a different, distinctive trail on every person who wears it.

Today, YSL BEAUTÉ is proud to introduce a new addition to its elegant Vestiaire, inspired by Yves Saint Laurent’s most dramatic silhouettes, in the most passionate of colours: ROUGE VELOURS, a strikingly seductive reinvention of the classic Rose and Patchouli chypre.

ROUGE VELOURS – Excessive and passionate
Red. More than a colour, it is a hyperbole. The colour of passion. Of blood and fire. Of the extravagant bouquets of roses offered to lovers and divas.

Of the femmes fatales dressed by Yves Saint Laurent for the cinema – Delphine Seyrig in India Song or Romy Schneider in Max et les ferrailleurs… And what material, better than velvet, can magnify the intensity of the most dramatic of colours? The fabric of stage curtains opening onto the magical world of theatre. One of Yves Saint Laurent’s first loves: as a madly talented 15-year-old, he was already designing costumes and sets for his miniature cardboard “Illustre Petit Théâtre”. Ever since, from the sumptuous jet-embroidered bolero of the “Ballets Russes” collection (F/W 1976), to today’s sharp-cut blazers worn on sexy bare skin, red velvet has always embodied Saint Laurent’s flair for audacity and transgression.A spectacular duet between a vividly natural red Rose and a deep, velvety Patchouli – think Don Juan and Carmen, the Scarlett Empress and the Dark Knight –, ROUGE VELOURS allows men and women to express themselves at their most passionate. Because all the world’s a stage. And you’re the star.