Craving a Friday treat?

Boasting a delicious mix of treats which are big on taste, texture and fun, HARIBO’s vegetarian range has become even more exciting with a tasty new addition, Funny Mix, along with revamped colours and flavours for Jelly Beans.

HARIBO Funny Mix
















Making a delicious new addition to the range is HARIBO Funny Mix. Made up of three fun shaped pieces, each containing real fruit juice, enjoy a pineapple and blackcurrant flavoured Ice-Cream, a Cola Bottle with a hint of lemon and a scrumptious Strawberry.

HARIBO Jelly Beans
















HARIBO Jelly Beans are jumping for joy with new playful colours and juicy flavours, including candy floss, marshmallow, popcorn, peach & passionfruit, raspberry and blackcurrant. This tasty treat makes a delightfully delicious update to the range.

HARIBO Giant Strawbs



















Meanwhile, already a firm family favourite with its long-lasting strawberry flavour and unique chewy texture, Giant Strawbs has retained the much-loved recipe that HARIBO fans adore.


Rejoice, my fellow veggies and enjoy a Friday treat!