In a world where impeccable male grooming is a necessity, a man has to be on top of his beard game. With so many products on the market its hard to know which one is the right one, but the Remington Graphite Series has it it all.

Whether you have a statement beard, detailed lines or like to keep your stubble groomed, you need tools that won’t let you down. Choose from Remington’s Graphite Series collection, perfect for grooming on the go for a seriously styled you.

The Graphite Series G3 (RRP €39.99)


The Graphite Series G3 contains all the trimmers and combs you need for grooming on the go. The Graphite coated blades are designed to give you a precise and comfortable shave. Whatever you’re personal style, the G3 has everything you need to achieve it. This kit comes complete with a choice of grooming tools to achieve different facial hair styles from moustaches and beards to a close shave. The G3 contains three attachments: a 30mm main trimmer, a separate Linear Trimmer for your nose, ears and eyebrows, and a TST (trim shave technology) Trimmer to achieve lengths up to 0.2mm. It features an adjustable comb (2-20mm) and two fixed combs (1.5 & 3mm) – ideal for taming body hair.

The Graphite Series G4 (RRP €49.99)


The Graphite Series G4 enables skin comfort with every glide for effortless styling. The Self-Sharpening Blades are always ready to give you a precise, clean cut and with 7 versatile attachments, covering every grooming need. The Dual Adjustable Comb allows you to create a variety of looks for your facial fuzz and hairstyle, while the Linear NEE Trimmer will keep your nose, eyebrow and ear hair tidy and taken care of.


Want to create that clean shaven edge around your tache? The Mini Foil Shaver will neaten up your style, or the TST Precision Trimmer will leave you with micro stubble. The cord/ cordless feature along with a 60-minute battery life will give you ultimate styling freedom. Whether you’re trimming, shaving, grooming or styling, the Graphite G4 is the all in one grooming solution for a seriously styled you.




Author: Danielle Twomey