Corks best brow empire The Brow Bar Boutique turns two on November 8th, 2019. Since their grand opening in 2017 they have waxed, plucked and threaded the people of Munster to arched brow raising perfection. At the helm of this beauty empire is Mel Maverly, a self-made businesswoman. She has groomed some of Irelands best known journalists, bloggers, beauty queens and hard-working men and women during her time on the throne of Corks leading brow business.


Currently Mel is reflective and rightly so …

“I remember, it was 8th November when we had our first client. It was that day when I finally got the name over the Midleton Boutique and started the journey as Corks newest brow empire. The Brow Bar Boutique, my dream was born.

Today as I move towards our second birthday, as a business we have evolved so rapidly, boundlessly, developing several products, have planned some exciting developments, overcoming challenges and going it solo. I opened two and three in quick succession and with extra vigour and determination. Setting the standards in brow excellence. We had several new products and services added to our menu, and we even collected some awards. We made our TV debut and gave away a new set of wheels. We can’t thank our patrons enough! Without our customers’ wonderful, and repeated support we would not be the where we are today. We promise to never change but always evolve.


We’ve built a lot of great relationships already, and we’re looking forward to strengthening them even further. Thus, we’re celebrating the completion of our 2 years in business in this way… We are offering €2 brows for our anniversary”  from 12-2 in Midleton on November 8th.

Take a glimpse on some of things we achieved, in this span of time… Here are our best bits