Here are 5 French skincare picks under €10 that will really make a difference

Taking care of your skin doesn’t have to break the bank.

Getting more value for money is on everyone’s mind these days. With the average rent in Ireland at an all-time high, consumer confidence tumbling in recent months, with fears of a hard Brexit and a weaker Irish economy persisting people are becoming more conscious of their spending habits.

Effective skin care can be expensive, but not with leading skin expert brand, Uriage. Thermal Spring Water is the key ingredient unique to the Uriage dermatological skincare range and it is the basic ingredient in all of the Uriage product ranges. Uriage Thermal Water from the French Alps, cannot be compared to others sold in Ireland.

Its composition makes it the most balanced of all thermal waters. Uriage is the richest Thermal Water, with the highest concentration of minerals and trace elements (52 x richer than other Thermal Water available) and is the only Thermal Water which can be used in mucous membranes thanks to its natural isotonicity you can vaporize in eyes and nose.

Here are our favourites from Uriage, all under €10!

Bariéderm Insulating Repairing Hand Cream

The Uriage Bariéderm Insulating Repairing Hand Cream is a non-sticky water-resistant cream which penetrates fast and is invisible on application. Another product perfect for professional or family use. In clinical studies, the Bariéderm Insulating Repairing Hand Cream reduced dryness by 48% in 14 days and reduced pain by 44% in a week. This is the only barrier cream that both insulates and repairs. It does this through its double action formula, which is particularly effective for people with severely dry hands (irritants contact dermatosis and chronic hand dermatitis). RRP €10 (50ml)

Uriage Silky Body Lotion Lait Veloitte

Uriage Silky Body Lotion is a silky, fluid and smooth lotion that immediately fuses with the skin to intensely moisturize, smooth and provide comfort. It has a light texture that is immediately absorbed and leaves your skin feeling extremely soft and moisturised. Bathed in Uriage Thermal Water, your skin regains an optimal level of hydration, lasting comfort and its natural glow. RRP €10 (200ml)

Uriage Thermal Water

Packaged directly at the source, it is collected pure and naturally rich in mineral salts and trace elements. Its composition makes it the most balanced of all thermal waters. Its unique composition enables it to strengthen the skin barrier and become the skin’s guardian angel. Thanks to its high concentration in mineral salts similar to the skin’s natural moisturizing Factors it offers unique moisturizing benefits. It soothes sensitive skin thanks to the high level of calcium and magnesium salts. Silicon strengthens the skin hydrolipidic film. It also helps restore the cutaneous barrier, thanks to mineral salts. RRP €5 (50ml) / €9.50 (150ml)

Uriage Bariesun Lipstick SPF 30

Uriage Bariesun Lipstick SPF 30 effectively protects lips from the harmful effects of UVA and UVB rays while restoring softness and comfort. Thanks to its anti UVA-UVB filtering complex, this stick provides high protection, perfect for everyday use, all year round. With a moisturizing base, enriched with vitamins A, C and E as well as essential fatty acids, the stick nourishes lips as well as being water-resistant. RRP €10 (4g)

First Aid on the Go – Bariéderm Repairing CICA-Cream

Uriage Bariéderm Repairing CICA-cream is a velvety cream that is easy to massage in for a quick absorption. It is a first aid product that provides fast healing and immediate relief and prevents scarring for the entire range of cuts, perfect also for minor surgeries and procedures. In clinical studies, the Bariéderm Repairing CICA-cream was found to decrease redness by 85% in 21 days, immediately relive pain and improve healing. It is the perfect repairing cream for everyday minor skin ailments for the whole family. The Uriage Bariéderm line is a new generation of “barrier” products that both insulate and repair the skin. The Bariéderm range meets the needs of skin facing chemical and physical stress on a daily basis, and has become a leader in barrier products as well as skin protection and repair. RRP €10 (40ml)