We’re coming into peak wedding season, which means every imminent bride-to-be is in full-on pamper-and-preen mode. After all, the trip down the aisle is the one time in your life when you can guarantee that all eyes will be upon you, and who wouldn’t want to look and feel radiant on their wedding day?

From picking the right hairstyle to figuring out when to touch up your roots, achieving perfect bridal locks requires some planning and preparation. But fear not, there are some tried-and-tested steps you can take in the run-up to the big day to ensure your hair is looking its best.

Hair Health

Following a healthy lifestyle is the best way to achieve the strong, glossy hair that every bride-to-be wants to walk down the aisle with. Exercise, eat well and try (as hard as it might be) to keep those stress levels at bay.

Give your hair health a real boost from within by feeding it with the nutrients it needs to flourish.“Grow It”byAnnutriis a premium blend of vitamins and minerals that promotes healthy hair growth, encouraging stronger, longer, thicker hair. This award-winning, vegan supplement contains none of the bulking agents so frequently found in mainstream alternatives; just nourishing superfoods, vitamins and minerals derived from 100% natural sources.

“Most products for problem hair are formulated to be put on to the hair itself,” says Annutri co-founder, Anita Donoghue.“We realised that in addition to a healthy diet and lifestyle changes, taking a supplement with specific nutrients needed to aid the hair can be extremely helpful in keeping it healthy, strong, shiny and voluminous.”

For best results, take two supplements per day for at least three months in the run-up to your wedding day.

Grow It, €29 for a 30-day supply, €174 for a six-month supply, and €348 for a 12-month supply

Hair Cut

It can be tempting to reinvent your hairstyle in the lead-up to your wedding day, but it might be best to hold off on making any drastic changes until afterwards. If you really have your heart set on a new look, try it a year beforehand to give you time to decide whether it really is the right fit for you.

If you are yearning for longer locks, minimise direct stress that will lead to damage and breakage. Dry it with a microfiber instead of a regular cotton towel, avoid overuse of heat styling and although it might seem counter-intuitive, having regular trims is essential to promoting healthy hair growth.

Have your final hair cut at least one month before the wedding to give it a chance to settle, and enough time to grow a little if you aren’t 100% happy with it.

Hair Colour

If you’re changing up your colour, have it done in a professional salon at least six weeks before your nuptials. This allows time for the final shade to bed in so you can be certain that it’s what you want. It will also give you time to try on your dress with it, to make sure the overall look is what you’d envisaged.

If you’re keeping your current shade, book a touch-up a week out from your big day.

Try not to wash your hair too frequently in the days leading up to the wedding to avoid fading, and use a purple shampoo and some good quality hair masks to help keep your colour bright and your hair glossy and conditioned.

Grow It, €29 for a 30-day supply, €174 for a six-month supply, and €348 for a 12-month supply, is available through salons nationwide and at annutri.com.