The search is on To Find the HiStyle Best Beauty Buys for 2022! From Lipstick to hand cream, we want to shout about new launches and handbag heroes. We are Looking for New Beauty Must Haves & Classic Beauty Hero Products! Now more than ever consumers are looking online to shop for tried and tested brands. We are seeking stylish skincare and showstopping brands once again this year. 

The HiStyle #BestBeautyBuys22 are back, and the highly anticipated annual search is on to find the best beauty products available in store and online today! Following on from last year’s success we had to do it again! We have been trialling so many amazing products in the last year.

Now in their fifth year these awards will showcase the absolute best in beauty products across our site, giving the best beauty brands the chance to win the HiStyle Best Beauty Buy accolade. The winning products will all feature on our website in April 2022. The winning products will also have the option to display the sought after #BestBeautyBuys22 badge anywhere you like! 

We judge mass and luxury products in separate categories. We have several judges in different age categories and tastes.You can enter as many products as you wish. All products must be on counter or for sale before 31st March 2022

Categories for your Consideration



  • Best Cleanser Cream
  • Best Cleanser Wash 
  • Best Exfoliator 
  • Best Skin Peel 
  • Best Toner / Facial Mist 
  • Best Serum – Face
  • Best Serum- Eye
  • Best Facial Oil
  • Best Day Cream
  • Best Night Cream
  • Best Eye Cream
  • Best Face Mask 
  • Best Eye Mask 
  • Best Neck Cream 
  • Best Lip Treatment or Balm
  • Best Handbag Hero 
  • Best Supplement   
  • Best Facial Beauty Tool / Device


  • Best Shampoo
  • Best Conditioner
  • Best Treatment
  • Best Detangler
  • Best Leave in 
  • Best Curl Product
  • Best Volume Product 
  • Best Styling Product
  • Best Hairbrush
  • Best For extensions (shampoo, conditioner, brushes)
  • Best Heated Tool 
  • Best Hairdryer 
  • Best Clip Ins
  • Best Men’s Styling 
  • Best Men’s Shampoo


  • Best Shower Product (Gel, Mousse, Foam)
  • Best Body Exfoliator
  • Best Bath Product
  • Best Body Moisturiser
  • Best Body Oil
  • Best Body Firmer
  • Best Bust Cream
  • Best Hand Cream
  • Best Foot Cream
  • Best Multitask Cream
  • Best Nail Polish Collection
  • Best Body Beauty Tool or Device
  • Best Deodorant 


  • Best Primer 
  • Best Foundation 
  • Best Setting Powder
  • Best Bronzer 
  • Best Makeup Palette
  • Best Eyeshadow Palette
  • Best Face Palette
  • Best Brow Product
  • Best Mascara
  • Best Eyeliner 
  • Best Blush 
  • Best Lipstick 
  • Best Lip Gloss 
  • Best Lip Liner
  • Best Highlighter
  • Best Make-up Brush Set
  • Best face Brush 
  • Best Brush Cleanser 
  • Best Beauty Blender 
  • Best Dressing Table Make-up Organiser 
  • Best Cosmetic Bag / Brush Holder

Tan / Suncare

  • Best Tan for Face
  • Best Tan for Body
  • Best Instant Tan
  • Best Natural Tan
  • Best Tan Remover 
  • Best Gradual Tan 
  • Best Tanning Mitt
  • Best SPF Face
  • Best SPF Body
  • Best Kids SPF
  • Best Aftersun



  • Best Classic 
  • Best Fresh   
  • Best Floral
  • Best Fruity
  • Best Spicy
  • Best Seductive
  • Best Wedding 
  • Best Summer
  • Best Cologne
  • Best Unisex
  • Best Celebrity
  • Best Male 


Best Oral Care 

  • Best Toothbrush
  • Best Toothpaste
  • Best Teeth Whitening
  • Best Electric Toothbrush


Lifestyle / Bedroom/ Dressing Room / Wellness

  • Best Home Scented Candle
  • Best Luxury Scented Candle  
  • Best Interior Room Spray 
  • Best Reed Diffuser
  • Best Oil Diffuser
  • Best Essential Oil 
  • Best Pillow Spray
  • Best Lighting 
  • Best CBD Product for sleep


If a product is organic, vegan or eco friendly let us know as we will be assessing these too overall as brands, for example “ Best Organic Brand”