If you love a smokey eye or a dramtic wing then listen up because we have some great news especially for you. We will be ditching all other liners , this is not a drill, Huda is launching a liner finally! At Hi HQ there are no word for the excitement we feel when we hear about a product. Our Editor got to try it and is super impressed at the payoff and ease of application. It’s coming to Brown Thomas tomorrow.




Waterproof, smudge proof and life proof, Huda Beauty’s first eyeliner Life Liner is launching this Thursday (12th September) and is amongst the blackest and mattest on the market. Life Liner is part liquid, part pencil and 100% Huda approved. Life Liner stays put for 48-hours and was designed so you can create an incredible range of looks all with one product.


Eyeliner has been a part of Huda’s signature everyday look for years, having worn it almost every day – Huda knows a good eyeliner and how to wear it. This dual-ended eyeliner is the ultimate liner to help you create Huda’s signature winged Liner every time! Huda has created several eyeliner tutorials over the years




Those who know Huda Kattan, know she is rarely seen without her iconic, black winged liner intact. Pulling off the winged liner look for quite a while, it was only a matter of time before her social family begged for her to develop her own. With high demand behind her, Huda and team dove deep into liner research only to realize she had never found an eyeliner that was long-lasting enough, matte enough and black enough all in one.

Allow us to introduce Life Liner: the ultimate life proof super matte black eyeliner that took Huda and team roughly 3 years to perfect. What does life proof mean to Huda? Long-lasting. Waterproof. Smudge proof. AND Fade proof. Life Liner does all the above while remaining super matte and super black.

Life Liner is a dual-ended eyeliner for the makeup addicts and liner lovers! One-part liquid and one-part pencil, Life Liner was designed so you can create an incredible range of looks all with one product in hand!

THE Liquid Liner in Very Vanta

Staying put for up to 48 hours, our Life Liner liquid liner formula is one of the longest lasting on the market. Combining high molecular weight silicones and silicone resins, her team was able to create an elastic-like texture that prevents cracking, smudging or fading during wear. The formula’s unique ingredients work together to create a lightweight film that protects the formula once it’s applied giving it the power to last for 48 hours.

The liquid liner glides on super smoothly and quickly dries to the blackest matte finish you’ve probably ever seen! The unique Anhydrous formula gives off an extremely intense black color without the usual grey cast which is standard of most matte formulas on the market.

The formula is paired with a custom soft, textured fibre brush applicator trimmed to perfection by Huda herself. The pointy tip allows for the perfect distribution of formula onto the skin without seriously compromising on precision. Huda was adamant about the cut of the brush to make sure glam gurus and us lay folk could create their perfect winged look without the line becoming too thick or clumpy. She was so adamant that it took the team roughly 3 months to create just the brush. Constantly hyper-focused on quality, Huda was just as critical on the liner brush as she was on the formula!


THE Pencil Liner in Very Vanta

With staying power of up to 8 hours, our unique pencil tip contains a blend of silicon resins and other unique ingredients that delivers extensive wear and smudge proof color. Comprised of flexible wax, a perfect balance between a creamy, easy-glide and structured application is created giving you enough playtime and precision to complete your look.

Designed with a propel system, you will never have to worry about sharpening your liner for more product when you need it most! With liquid at the forefront of every bold look, the pencil liner was created to be used on the water and lash line to further intensify and dramatise! Who does not love Drama?


How-To Use

Liquid liner:

·        Open the liquid side of the liner and wipe off any excess formula from the brush

·        Start from the outer corner of your eye and begin to create your wing, working inwards towards the center of your lid

·        Complete the line starting from the inner corner of your eye, connecting the two lines at the center of the lid filling in any negative space

·        Allow to dry for approximately 60 seconds, depending on how thick your line is. The thicker your liner is, the longer it will       take to dry

Liquid Liner 101: Winged Eyeliner Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p27yTltCvbU

Pencil liner:

·        Complete your look or apply along your lash and/or waterline for extra drama

·        We gave it some playtime so you can experiment with your look before the formula sets

Makeup Remover Balm

Intended to be on for life, we know you’ll eventually want to take Life Liner off! That’s why Huda was adamant about creating the ideal remover to ensure a smooth removal process. So adamant, she sped up production and made limited quantities to get it to you in time!


On this quest for an effective makeup remover that can remove everything from light coverage makeup to cake face, the team discovered a gentle but powerful formula that quickly became the perfect partner for our long-lasting Life Liner. Our new Makeup Remover Balm has a transformational formula that takes it from a balm to an oil to a milky texture upon melting with the skin to dissolve oil, dirt, grime and makeup! Containing Cherry Blossom extract, our gentle makeup remover leaves the skin feeling soft and conditioned. It’s time to melt away your makeup with our new limited-edition Makeup Remover Balm!


How to Remove Life Liner Using Huda Beauty Makeup Remover Balm:

·        Apply a 10 cent-sized amount to eyelids and gently massage to dissolve our Life Liner formula

·        Rinse with warm water and wipe away any access formula

Tip: You can also remove with a waterproof or strong performing oil-based eye makeup remover. Soaking a cotton pad in makeup remover, apply on the eyes massaging gently to break up the formula. Equally a cotton bud will do the same job.