Everybody loves a multi purpose product and Nuxe have an oil that is simply sublime and this summer we are diving in to Huile Prodigieuse. An absolute must have for everyone Its formula has demonstrated its anti-oxidant power, its shield effect against pollution and its effectiveness on the appearance of stretch marks. A professional hairdresser has confirmed its diverse benefits to hair.

The multi-use, multi-purpose dry oil has proven its ability to repair, nourish and beautify the face, body and hair in a single step. This nourishing care1 combines 7 precious oils, all of botanical origin: Tsubaki (moisturising), Argan (repairing), Macadamia (nourishing), Borage (smoothing), Camellia (moisturising), Hazelnut (protective), Sweet Almond (softening).

NUXE invited students at the French art and design school of Penninghen to give free rein to their creativity and transform, as a limited seasonal edition, the iconic oil bottle, a symbol of summer. 

Penninghen is a prestigious art institution situated in central Paris which trains future talents in contemporary design from France and all over the world. NUXE called upon the services of this diverse creative talent for a new project. The brief: to create a unique new look for the Huile Prodigieuse® bottle, expressing their own modern vision of a prestigious summer. The young generation displayed their impressive creative skills, developing designs for 3 limited edition bottles incorporating the theme of swimming pools, representing a “chilled” summer atmosphere.

Turquoise makes a refreshing prominent splash on the iconic bottle, in a structured grid pattern with hazy wave effects.

3 bathers feature in this serene setting, reflecting a favourite theme in the art world and a celebration of feminine beauty. Turquoise, yellow and coral: the symbol of Made in France beauty reveals a precious triptych in a trio of colours.. The metallic lids come together with “synchronised impressions” style water nymph costumes!


A must have for any collector !