How do you start your day? How do you end your day?


My morning ritual begins with a positive affirmation. After that, it’s an essential cup of coffee and checking my emails. At the end of each day, I review what’s been done and what hasn’t. I plan the next day’s work, prioritising essential and urgent actions. Planning is vital in this business and spending time doing this keeps me focused on the goals that are crucial for success.


What is your background? 


I have always worked in the beauty industry. It’s one of the most exciting and rewarding sectors to work in.  I’m still as passionate about the industry now as I was 30 years ago when I first started working in it. My experience spans in the beauty industry spans working as a therapist, a beauty entrepreneur, a trainer and an educator.

What is CIDESCO’s mission?

CIDESCO is working to raise the profile of its internationally recognised Diploma and Certificate courses in Ireland. CIDESCO qualifications are considered to be the most prestigious qualifications in the beauty industry and graduates have been trained to the highest standards and are highly skilled, knowledgeable beauty professionals.  In Ireland, CIDESCO wants to ensure that schools adequately signpost educational pathways into the beauty and wellness industry too instead of beauty therapy being perceived as a last-ditch option when other courses are not attainable.


To what do you attribute your success? Both personally and professionally


I have an amazing team working with me who are as passionate about standards and professionalism as I am.  Success doesn’t happen by accident or luck. It starts with habits, built a day at a time; discipline, learning, integrity, hard work and being passionate about what you do. My parents instilled a very strong work ethic in me from a young age and to always try to do your best and not to be afraid of failure as this is where you really learn.

What are the most important services a salon needs to utilise as a start up?

The most important things a salon needs to succeed are highly trained and knowledgeable employees, a good culture, a wide range of advanced beauty treatments and other services such lash and brow treatments and make overs.

What ignited your spark for the beauty industry?

My interest started as a teenager with skincare. I could see the results that could be achieved with a good daily beauty regime. That started a lifelong passion – researching new products, investigating ingredients that can make a difference and also learning about innovative treatments and new technologies that deliver genuine results; whether that’s anti-ageing, treatments for problem skin or restorative spa treatments.

Tell me about your best and worst days at work?

The best days are seeing our success rates with students and seeing them leave with a great qualification and the endless possibilities that are open to them. The worst day at work would be seeing a student who has huge potential becoming side-tracked and selling themselves short.

What do you do when you’re not at work?

My family and friends would say that I am constantly working! I really love my family time or just reading a good book. Taking time out from work re-energises me and gives me the time and space to think about new ideas and plans for the business.

Try to describe yourself in three words only?

Honest.  Hardworking. Loyal.

If you could talk to one person from history, who would it be and why?

This is a hard one as there are two people that I would love to be able to sit down and have a chat with! The first would be Estee Lauder. She showed the power of women having ambitions in the beauty industry and was as innovative with her marketing strategies as her cosmetic products.  The second person would be the iconic Coco Chanel who created a brand that redefined both fashion and beauty for women.