Hair by Aisling is a new salon which offers an exclusive one to one experience in a breathtaking scenic location. Specialising in creative colouring, precision cuts and subtle highlights which are timeless and provide the requisite 5-star experience. Her philosophy is simple, she specialises in fresh up to date, versatile styles that are easy to manage between visits and are tailor-made to suit the individual. Aisling was recently named “Best Rural Salon of the Year” at the Hi Style Hair and Beauty Awards. She won this accolade as she is bringing a unique and tranquil experience to her new and existing clients. 


What was the key driving force behind you becoming an entrepreneur?

I have been surrounded by entrepreneurs my whole life, all of my grandparents each ran there own successful businesses and one continues to this day. I feel it was a mandatory journey for me to take, to express myself and grow as a person while creating something totally unique. I am extremely passionate about learning and I am always left wanting more. My creativity and wild imagination didn’t fit into the local area so if you learn to embrace not fitting in, you can create something beautiful. It takes imagination and a dash of insanity!


What do you wish you knew in the beginning about setting up your own business and working for yourself?

Hairdressing itself is only half of my time and behind the scenes takes a significant amount of time. I always knew there would be background work but I really didn’t know the extent of this for running a hair salon. I’m a hairdresser, councillor, bookkeeper, cleaner, social media operator, gardener, receptionist and the list continues but I wouldn’t change it for the world!


What has been your career highlight to date?

Winning Best Rural Salon 2019 at the Tia Maria Hair and Beauty Awards 2019 was incredible.


What three things do you need to be successful in your job?

The 3 Ds: Determination, dedication and to be daring!


What career would you be in now if you weren’t a hairdresser?

Genuinely no idea! I love hairdressing so much and it really is my dream job.


If you were stranded on a deserted island, what three things would you have?

Socks (my dog), a never-ending tub of Ben & Jerry’s Fish-food and music… my boyfriend must be feeling so loved!


What should everyone know about maintaining freshly coloured hair at home?

Professional products! Why spend €100+ on your hair and then use a shampoo that costs €2? Colour and heat protection products before styling are also essential to prevent damage and you should regularly use a hair mask to keep your hair hydrated and silky smooth. A cold rinse at the end of your shower can be effective too. Especially for vivid colours, you want to keep the cuticles closed to get the most out of your colour and to keep that glossy effect. Use colour booster for home use – you can even pop a dash into your shampoo for all the crazy colours. No need to wash your hair every day, the colour will last longer and natural oils are good for your hair.


What are some of your favourite hair trends at the moment?

Colour melts have become extremely popular right now and I am also absolutely loving all the braids this year.


What’s next for your business?

Next for my business is to work on my social media game as this really is my window display. The salon will be expanding over the next couple of months as we are extending and opening a beauty treatment room. Competition preparation too, which is always super exciting.


Finally, just for fun, what celebrity would you love to be a hairstylist for?

Sophia Hilton – I’m slightly obsessed with this hair queen!


Toughmacdermody, Drimnagh, Co. Cork Aisling Hurley 0876691335