Marc Carey, Incredible Socks
Photo: Peter Houlihan

How gifting socks every Christmas, Birthday and Father’s Day turned into a business idea (with a sustainable twist) for Irish man Marc Carey

Incredible Socks, the Irish-owned and 100% Irish-run brand is redefining the world of socks with its innovative approach to design, sustainability, and social responsibility. Incredible Socks are made using sustainable bamboo materials. The designs are fun, bold and colourful, and the business offsets every ounce of carbon it puts into the environment. Plus each sale they make allows Incredible Socks to give back to their charity partners Bombay Teen Challenge, Jigsaw and Focus Ireland.


Live incredible, do incredible, be incredible is a message, Founder and CSM (Chief Sock Maker), Marc Carey and the business live by. Marc says: “We want the people who wear our socks to feel incredible. Our fun designs go hand in hand with those fun lovers on a mission to live incredible lives and truly live each moment to the max! We work with our customers to do incredible things and give back to our charity partners with every sale we make. Keeping the fun alive and always taking time to be kind will allow us to always be incredible.”


Marc adds: “I started the business as every Christmas, Birthday, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day my family all gave each other socks. I thought why not my socks so I got to designing socks that I loved. My dad and nephew (he’s 6) are my biggest fans. My dad exclusively wears Incredible Socks now and my nephew wears mix-matched Incredible Socks every day!”


Best foot forward…

What sets Incredible Socks apart from the competition is their commitment to giving back. 50c from every sale goes to one of their charity partners. The partners will be the Bombay Teen Challenge and Jigsaw. Incredible Socks also support Focus Ireland with product donations for their homeless communities.


  • Bombay Teen Challenge – Restore hope and dignity to victims of sex trafficking by rehabilitation and empowering them with sustainable opportunities through education and vocational training

  • Jigsaw – Here to make sure that every young person’s mental health is valued and supported. Offering free and expert information and resources for youth mental health

  • Focus Ireland – A nonprofit organisation that provides services for people who are homeless and people at risk of homelessness in Ireland


Another unique selling point is using bamboo in their sock production. The use of bamboo ensures exceptional strength and durability, making these socks long-lasting and perfect for everyday wear. Marc chose bamboo as he wanted to cause zero harm to the planet throughout the process. Bamboo is known for its fast growth, requiring no pesticides or artificial fertilisers, and its cultivation contributes to carbon dioxide absorption.

Incredible Socks €9.95 

And the best part, Incredible Socks are a carbon-neutral business – this means that for every tonne of carbon they emit as a business they pay to take a tonne of carbon out of the atmosphere. This commitment to sustainability has earned Incredible Socks the esteemed status of being a carbon-neutral brand, further solidifying its dedication to a greener future.


5 reasons to choose Incredible Socks:

  1. They are Irish-owned and operated, and everything from packaging, shipping, fulfillment, graphic design and web design is Irish

  2. Every sale gives back to charity partners – Bombay Teen Challenge, Jigsaw and Focus Ireland

  3. They are carbon-neutral, Marc says: “Any carbon my business creates. I offset this by purchasing carbon credits”

  4. Incredible Socks are manufactured using premium quality bamboo. Bamboo is one of the most sustainable, comfortable, durable and breathable materials perfect for making soft, cosy and strong pair of socks. Oh, and bamboo is a natural deodorant – bonus

  5. They have a wide range of fun, vibrant designs and patterns, these socks are not only comfortable but also add a unique touch of personality to any outfit – the socks should feel like an extension of your personality and your overall zest for life



Marc Carey started the business while living in LA in February 2020 with just 17 designs. Today Marc is home in Ireland and has a strong focus on growing the business on home soil. Today they have 24 adult styles, 10 kids (1-3 and 3-6) and 8 babies (0-12 months). Marc says: “I love Ireland and I want the business to be Irish, succeed in Ireland and in turn help Irish charities.”


To learn more about Incredible Socks and their live incredible, do incredible, be incredible message visit their website at Join the sock revolution today and experience the ultimate blend of style, sustainability and positive social impact.