Not everyone has perfect skin and rather than use a filter I prefer to use a product. Instant tan seems to be my preference of late, primarily because I have back to back events. I don’t have the time or the patience for the tan wear off factor. Anything that is good enough for Maura the Queen of Longford and Love Island babe is good enough for me.


Enter a tan/ body make up combination that really gives a luxe feel. Instant coverage and colour with no streaking ?

Embrace your skin this summer thanks to Bellamianta Luxury Tanning’s latest release, Flawless Filter Body Makeup. Seamlessly smoothing imperfections, pores, stretch marks, blemishes and evening out skin tone, Flawless Filter is a real life Instagram filter, making it this Autumn’s must have accessory.


For poolside lazing, beach tanning or spending the night on the town, the one thing you won’t have to worry about is your skin.


Flawless Filter was a favourite of this year’s Dancing With The Stars Ireland cast to keep them dancefloor ready. It’s designed to bronze and gloss your skin giving you a HD Finish with a gorgeous iridescent glow. This adds coverage to mask all imperfections making it the perfect Body Makeup for every occasion. Ideal to use on top of your fake tan or to enhance your natural glow. It does work on tanning disaters as well to a degree as the colour/ coverage combination lends itself to this.


The quick drying, full coverage formula is available in two shades – Light/Medium & Medium/Dark and can be used on both the face and body.


For The Perfect Application here are some Bella Babe tips :

Ensure your skin is clean and dry.

Apply a small amount to your Bellamianta Luxury Tanning Mitt.

Use the mitt to apply the product in circular motions from the ankles upwards, ensuring you are blending in the product well.

For your face, hands and feet – apply the product sparingly.

Ensure the product is touch dry before getting dressed.


Obviously the last bit of advice is to be fabulous but we kind do that always anyway don’t we?





By Mary-Jane O’ Regan