What inspired you to open the beauty suite?

My Initial reason for opening the business was my drive to be successful and to be my own boss. I always planned on working within the beauty industry, I think it’s such a diverse industry to work within, I l love the fast pace and keeping up to date with all the latest beauty treatments and technology. Always knowing that I wanted to work for myself and run my own clinic, I decided to complete a business course for one year prior to studying Beauty Therapy. And at the tender age of 21 I opened the doors of The Beauty Suite 12 years ago!


What makes The Beauty Suite different from other salons?

Anna has invested heavily in her business over the years to bring exclusive treatments to the area. Constantly researching the market and testing treatments and technology to ensure she has the best in clinic for her clients. It’s an undeniable fact that in business those that stand still often get left behind. Anna knows the value of good training and the importance of the level of training you receive. So investing in re-education and upskilling continuously is essential in maintaining a level of excellence for Anna and her team.


Who or what has been your greatest inspiration in business?

Being around passionate people has always been contagious for me! And they can come from any industry, not only the beauty industry. My clients also inspire me, all the positive feedback is amazing, and based on their feedback it helps me develop the business more. And last but not least, my incredible team inspires me. I know how lucky I am to go into work everyday and know that my team feels as passionate about the work they deliver as I am myself. And I can’t think of a better inspiration than that.


What is your 5 year vision for The Beauty Suite?

To consistently invest in the best aesthetic treatments and technology to help the business evolve and react to new developments and changing market requirements as they happen. A comprehensive on-going training schedule is a way of ensuring we don’t stand still within the industry and we keep growing. 


What is your greatest professional accomplishment to date?

Looking back now its having the ambition at such a young age to open my own business without any safety net if it didn’t work out. Starting from scratch, developing a work ethic to make sure it developed and grew into a success it is today.


What is the one thing you have learned in business that has served you well over the years? 

There will be setbacks like in any business, there will be sleepless nights and you will have worries. So always have a plan, to help achieve your goals and remain successful. Also you must be willing to work hard as you will only get back from your business what you put in. 


What is your favourite treatment that The Beauty Suite offers?

Anything skin care related I love. It’s such a vast area and each treatment we offer is so bespoke. HydraFacial is my new addiction, it delivers instant results and is a client favourite also at the moment for that gratifying glow. But anything skincare I am obsessed!


What advice would you give someone looking to open their own business?

Have a business plan in place and a 5 year vision for where you want to see yourself and your business developing too. Don’t be afraid of long hours of work as you won’t have a 9-5 you’ll have a when you open your eyes to when you close your eyes.


What are the main obstacles you faced/currently face in business?

One of my main obstacles over the last few years was trying to relocate my business to a larger premises to help it develop and grow. However, when the time was right it all fell into place and I now have a salon that I could have only dreamed of 12 years ago. I think not rushing our relocation and waiting until the right premises became available was important. And looking back now I can see why it never worked for me before now.