BIO Bags by Nima are the latest and ultimate in professional kit bags for the experienced freelancers working in beauty. These innovative bags are designed and created by Niamh Martin, Irish MUA and owner of the award-winning brush company Nima Brush. As an active freelance makeup artist in the Irish industry, Niamh saw a niche for stylish and professional kit bags that would hold as much product as possible but in an efficient, space-saving way that won’t break your back!

BIO refers to the term ‘biography’, a term any freelancer will be familiar with. Your biography describes who you are and what you’re about within your professional field. “Your kit bag is also an item we feel describes who you are and what you’re about! It is an item that is completely unique to you, the products you love to work with and what you use to create your most incredible and signature work. No kit bag is completely the same. And so we chose to call this particular range the ‘Identity Bags’. Know your identity and make your mark on your industry!”

The unique design of the BIO bags is a stunning dove grey canvas with rose gold hardware on the zip detail and metal clasps to create a modern and understated look.

“Our BIO bags are designed with the highest quality and heavy-duty PVC, so no cracking or tearing. The piping and canvas material used is designed to hold the shape and weight no matter how much you manage to pack inside. The zip is a strong rose gold steel designed to hold the bag together without separating. The strong outer layer of our bags is see-through to enable you to see all contents of your kit. Fully wipeable interior ensures a fresh, clean looking kit to withstand the highest standards of your industry. Lastly, a fully adjustable strap enables you to work on the go, move around on set or easily stand your kit bags upright on your workstation, whatever works best for you.

“Our bags are suitable for all beauty freelancers regardless of industry. They are adequately designed to suit the needs of makeup artists, hairdressers, nail technicians, beauty and massage therapists, the list is endless! These bags have been tried and tested over a 10-month period with several accomplished makeup artists and hairdressers and have been approved for production based on our findings within this trial time.

“Your kit bag should be an extension of the professional you: Reliable and competent with a just a little bit of sass!”


Identity Bag: The Tote

The largest and most versatile bag in the range, The Identity Bag: The Tote boasts one large pocket and two smaller side zip pockets. This can hold a wide range of materials and is extremely durable to withstand heavy loads.

Complete with heavy duty PVC to prevent tearing or cracking, whilst allowing you to see your product within. It is complete with a fully adjustable shoulder strap with rose gold hardware and two handles for those on the go. The raised piping holds the bag in its shape and helps to prevent slouching.

H21 x W17 x L33




Identity Bag: The Hold All

Storing and dividing your essential tools has never been easier with The Identity Bag: The Hold All. Designed to sit upright with strong canvas piping, this will ensure your kit bag keeps its shape without slouching.

The zip lid can easily fold back giving you easy access to your tools and the interior canvas dividers allow you to compartmentalise your equipment accordingly.

Complete with an adjustable strap and rose gold hardware for those working on set or on the go or alternatively stand upright on your wor station. The strong outer layer PVC allows you to see your full kit bag, whilst also allowing you to wipe down keeping your kit clean and professional looking. This can hold up to 150 makeup brushes at any one time.

H23 x W14 x D14


Identity Bag: The Clutch

The Identity Bag: The Clutch is extremely user-friendly and can hold almost anything from lip pencils to brushes to hair combs, nail files… whatever!

The canvas casing with rose gold zip hardware and fully wipeable interior allows you to fully view what you have stored within. The strong but flexible design makes this the perfect travel companion for anyone on the move.

H24 x W12 x D10

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