New research by Pantene Pro-V shows that hair follows similar biological traits to that of the skin. Meaning that as the needs of your skin changes overtime, the same is true for your hair.

Over time our hair goes through biological changes, leading to multiple needs at once. In our youth more oil and pigment are produced, resulting in greasier, shinier hair with more body. While in our later years, there is a reduction in hair diameter, we produce fewer hair fibres and develop less pigmentation. There is also less oil production and hair starts thinning, leading to increased dryness, unruliness and breakage.

And when greys come, that are easily exposed to oxidative stress, the result can be yellow tones and hair becoming very unruly.

Introducing Pantene Pro-V Hair Biology a NEW premium collection that has been created following groundbreaking research from Pantene scientists, who discovered hair needs the same tailored approach that we treat our skin to as we enter new life stages. So we have formulated four unique Hair Biology Shampoos, Conditioners and Treatments – each blended with skincare inspired ingredients that gently balance and revive different hair types through the various phases or our lives.

Cleanse & reconstruct Fights sebum, for clean roots & moisturized ends all day. Like skin, during youth we tend to have combination hair: greasy roots due to high sebum production, damaged & dry lengths as we wear our hair long and style more often. Introducing our first system without silicones, with a unique blend of Rose Water, Micellar Water and Pro-V to nourish damaged lengths and deeply cleanse your roots, for free-flowing healthy-looking hair.

De-frizz & illuminate Fights unruliness, for up to 72hrs of smooth & shiny hair. Our solution to thinning, dry and damaged hair due to frequent colouring. Our formula boosts fullness of thinning hair revives dullness and helps repair the look of colour damage, with a unique blend of Lotus Flower, Omega 9 and pro-v to prevent signs of aging.

Full & Vibrant Fights thinning, for 2x fuller & shinier hair. Over time our scalp oil production slows, leading to increased dryness, unruliness and breakage, particularly for women with thick & wavy hair. Our deeply moisturizing formula with Hyaluronic Acid -Omega 9 and Pro-v works to fight stubborn frizz and add elasticity.

Grey & glowing Fights brassiness from the first wash, for smooth greys that glow. Grey and silver hair has a unique biology, sometimes taking on yellow tones & becoming unruly.  Pantene’s new system developed for white and grey silver hair. Our purple shampoo that blends Pro-V, jojoba oil and our highest concentration of antioxidants, neutralizing yellow and brassy tones, while softening rebellious strands. Fight brassiness, for smooth greys that glow.



Hair Biology is now available in Ireland in larger Dunnes Stores, Boots and Superdrug.