An Irish business through and through Sass & Boho is fast becoming a household name for its peerless home fragrances and exquisite candles. Created in 2015 by Tyrone native Laura McNamee, Sass & Boho is the stunning result of this entrepreneur’s obsession with luxury candles and world class diffusers; quite simply she wanted to produce her own line of luxury homeware products at an affordable and accessible price with scents inspired by her life and travels. What you have here is expertly produced products without the compromise; the ultimate homeware gift. 

Perfectly minimalist packaging aside nothing here is mass produced; each candle is made using the utmost in skilled craftsmanship. Hand-poured in County Tyrone each candle is lovingly tended to and monitored for 24 hours before being left to cure for three weeks. It’s the personal touch and the delicate process that brings Sass & Boho to the top of the luxury market not to mention the quality of the ingredients used. The candles are composed of the finest curation of premium essential oils, fragrance oils and a unique blend of sustainably sourced, eco-friendly soy and vegetable waxes. What’s more, there’s nothing nasty in the candles; no paraffin, no lead with 100% cotton wicks. The perfect candle is about more than just a sensual fragrance; a beautiful and clean, toxic free burn is just as important as is its burning time (50 hours). 


Made in the Irish countryside the diffusers combine premium grade fragrance and essential oils. Free from alcohol the Porex eReeds offer a contemporary alternative to traditional rattan reeds; cutting edge design ensures optimum and longer lasting results whilst retaining the look and feel that make diffusers so popular. Your Sass & Boho diffuser can last from a minimum of 4 months up to 6/7 months. 

As for the scents? The only trouble you’ll have is choosing your favourite from such a divine range of options be it fragrance or candle. From Vetiver and Leather (Les Ecuries) to Rose of Saffron and Pink Pepper (Mykonos), there’s plenty here to tantalise the senses, but fear not, they’re perfectly balanced to ensure they’re never overpowering. Each scent is based on Laura’s travels and a memory that we can all share. With such an accessible price point there’s no reason why you can’t have your cake and eat it too with one of each on offer. 

Sass & Boho Scents: 

A True Love Story – La Vie En Rose – available in the classic candle & diffusers. A truly, romantic fragrance. Delicate notes of plush pink Bulgarian Rose and precious Rose Otto rest on a bed of sensual, musky white Amber. Delve deeper to find rich, floral accords of Jasmine and Lotus Blossom. Beautifully calming and relaxing. 

AO NANG – Lemongrass & Ginger – available in the classic candle & diffusers. Stimulating and sensual – Evoking the tranquil beauty of an exotic eastern garden in the beautiful Ao Nang Thailand. Bold notes of tangy lemongrass, Sicilian lemons and juicy limes lead into a heart of spicy ginger root and grated nutmeg with a hint of refreshing eucalyptus. 

BOURKE ST – Tuberose – Neroli – available in the classic candle. A beautiful floral aroma – a comforting scent of the exotic Tuberose combined with a fresh subtle hint of Neroli. A wee treat of my favourite bouquet of flowers from a little florists on Bourke St, Sydney. 

INCENSE & CITRUS INTENSE – The New Sass & Boho Double Wick Candle A Luxurious and Intense Fragrance taken from an Ancient Egyptian Kyphi Incense recipe. Layers of depth with top notes of citrus oil, honey and cinnamon followed by heart notes of bay and nutmeg resting on a hypnotic bed of frankincense, oudh, cedarwood, amber, vanilla, benzoin and labdanum. 

LES ÉCURIES – Vetiver – Leather – available in the classic candle & diffusers. An intriguing deep, warm and smokey aroma. Leather, wet woods and a subtle hint of spice combine with Vetiver. Deliciously masculine scent that reminds me off horseback riding in France on a hazy wet Autumn evening. 

MYKONOS – Rose of Saffron – Pink Pepper – available in the classic candle & diffusers. Spicy, alluring and uplifting, this scent has a certain optimism to it. It’s bold and zesty, but with a warmth that’s comforting. It’s the contrasts that make it exciting: feminine and floral, yet sexy and exotic. Brought back to the island of Mykonos where Saffron is widely used by the locals and can always be smelt in the musky Mediterranean air. 

OICHE NOLLAG – Clementine – Clove – available in the classic candle & diffusers. A very cosy, warming aroma. A stunning spicy Christmas composition. Warming notes of nutmeg, cinnamon and clove underpin a hint of burning firewood and juicy clementine. A must-have Christmas classic that’s perfect for a Winter’s evening. 

POMODORO – Italian Vine Tomato – available in the classic candle & diffusers. Fresh and invigorating while evoking fond memories of tomatoes growing on the vine on Elba Island in Tuscany.. Think warm summer, juicy and Italian – exactly the aroma captured in this beautiful scent. 

SWEET TART -Rhubarb – Damson Plum – available in the classic candle & diffusers. A wonderful aroma of ripe plum and cleansing rhubarb. If you could smell pink, this would be it. Custard, vanilla, malt, cream, red berries, plum and pink rhubarb combine in this delicious fragrance. Sweet and tart for the perfect balance. 

THE BOG – Burning Irish Turf – available in the classic candle & diffusers. A very distinctive rich aroma of Ireland. Warm comforting earthy notes of soft peat all resting on a base of Patchouli infused with hints of sensual woody aromatic spicy accords, amber, vetiver & moss. Inspired by the memories I have as a child spending precious Summer’s with my Grandparents helping them in the bog. Reaping the benefits of this arduous work in Autumn and Winter with the ambiance of a burning fire and this amazing scent. 


Sass & Boho the answer to all of your luxury gifting needs 

The new Sass & Boho Two Wick Candle RRP 33, Classic Candle Collection RRP 27 and Diffusers 29 are avalable via