Step One – for fresh breath and brighter, whiter teeth (the choice is yours)!

Black Pearl Whitening Toothpaste

Proven to help deliver excellent stain removal results and anticavity protection, this advanced formula contains Activated Charcoal to help eliminate the bacteria that cause bad breath. Combined with professional whitening ingredient PAP, Pyrophosphates, Hydrated Silica and Pearl Powder, it helps remove surface and deep stains – without harming the enamel.






Pink Pearl Sensitive Toothpaste

Formulated especially for sensitive teeth, Pink Pearl takes safe and efficient stain removal and enamel protection to a new level. Hydroxyapatite, a natural compound that helps repair enamel micro lesions and Potassium Nitrate provide rapid sensitivity action for your teeth.






Precious Pearl Enamel Remineralisation Serum

This cutting-edge formula contains Potassium Nitrate and high levels of Hydroxyapatite – a natural compound proven to form a new protective layer and help make teeth appear smoother and brighter. Specifically developed to help restore and protect the enamel, whilst helping to keep stains at bay.







Step Two – for fast-acting and long-term whitening results

Fresh Pearl Whitening Mouthwash

Formulated to help combat bad breath, neutralise bacteria and protect against acid attacks, Fresh Pearl Whitening Mouthwash contains a professional antiseptic Chlorhexidine, as well as Xylitol (naturally present in saliva), a clinically proven agent that helps fight plaque, a cause of tooth decay, tartar and bad breath.








Step Three – for fast-acting and long-term whitening results

Brilliant Pearl Whitening Kit

Achieve long-lasting whitening results from the comfort of your own home. The innovative Pen works as an express touch-up service, containing Hydrogen Peroxide that helps to remove the build-up of plaque. The Whitening Strips offer professional dental whitening in five simple and easy to use steps that only take 30 minutes. Hydrogen Peroxide, found in both the Pen and Whitening Strips, contain antimicrobial properties that can help with the treatment of oral ailments like plaque, gingivitis and bleeding gums. The Brilliant Pearl Whitening Kit removes external stains for a brighter and whiter smile!

For a smile that sparkles, try the Professional White premium range from Beverly Hills Formula, guaranteed to keep your teeth bright and white and your smile dazzling!

The Beverly Hills Formula Professional White range is available from Boots Ireland and independent pharmacies.