Casmara are expanding the UrbanProtect line with the launch of two new products, which you can carry with you every day.
An anti-pollution, anti-aging, lightening and restorative intensive hand treatment and a lip treatment with a perfecting and plumping system for daily lip care and protection
UrbanProtect is the perfect allies for city dwellers! Anti-pollution in skincare is so important these days as the increase of air pollution over the years has major effects on the human skin. Exposure of the skin to air pollutants has been associated with skin aging and inflammatory or allergic skin conditions.


UrbanProtect Hand Cream RRP €15

What makes our new UrbanProtect Recovery Hand Cream so special?
– It’s Anti-aging, Restorative and protects against pollution – the most complete hand cream!
– A light, non-sticky texture which provides a velvety feeling
– Immediately absorbs into the skin which instantly provides comfort and well-being.



UrbanProtect Lip Balm RRP €15

Hands up, who wants beautiful, plump and hydrated lips!
Our UrbanProtect Recovery Lip Balm is essential to achieving it!
-Intensely softens and restores
-Instantly perfects, enhances and beautifies the lips
-Anti-pollution and antioxidant action which strengthens the protective barrier of the skin
-Immediately hydrates and nourishes with its enriched texture, with a long-lasting effect
-Instantly plumps

Use it alone as it has a subtle rose gold tint or on top of your favourite lipstick for a nourishing gloss – it will be the star of your cosmetic bag!


GREEN TEA 3 IN 1 CLEANSER RRP €18 (150mls)

Soft and deep cleansing. It is a silky smooth cleanser with significant cleaning and soothing properties.

It conditions the skin as it contains peptides from silk protein. These peptides fix themselves on the keratins in the skin providing protective and soothing properties and stimulating the retention of moisture in the upper layers of the skin.

The Green Tea Extract is included for its high content of polyphenols which produce a calming effect and a feeling of well being.


3 IN 1 MULTIFUNCTIONAL ACTION: Cleanser, toner and make-up remover, in just one step. Including the eye contour.

Active ingredients

SILK PEPTIDES: provide protective and softening proteins, enhancing moisture retention.

GREEN TEA EXTRACT: has a soothing and dereddening action on irritated skin. Contains antioxidant properties.






Casmara Energising Moisturising Cream RRP €44 (50mls)

Casmara Vitalizing Energizing Serum RRP €50.00 (50mls)

VITALIZING is an exclusive product line that enhances the authentic beauty and health of your skin. The CASMARA Investigation Centre has combined rejuvenating active ingredients of the most excellent quality with two fundamental Bioenergy ingredients: COENZYME Q-10 and CREATINE.

Your skin obtains the energy to restore its activity. The face regains its radiance and splendor. The skin is reactivated, repaired, healthy and full of life.


Quality cellular anti-ageing cosmetics.

Hyaluronic acid: 24-hour optimal moisturizing.

Bioavailable Vitamin C: powerful antioxidant and natural protector.

Extraordinary natural oils with intense nourishing properties.

Active ingredients

COENZYME Q-10: A natural ingredient that transforms nutrients into energy for cells. It activates cell metabolism by stimulating the dermis and epidermis

VITAMIN C: A natural antioxidant and regenerating agent OSILIFT®

CREATINEA natural antioxidant and regenerating agent. It decreases oxidative stress and stimulates collagen production.