Luxurious and magical, Clare’s five-star Dromoland Castle has been reviewed by Tripadvisor guests as the ‘World’s Best Hotel for Sleep 2023’.

The restorative power of a good night’s sleep is luxury itself, and a super sleep experience relies on the best mattress available.

The choice for Dromoland Castle is the unmistakable elegance and proven comfort of King Koil mattresses, individually handmade in County Kildare.  The Irish business has supported five-star indulgence and relaxation at Ireland’s leading hotels for over 50 years.

Now everyone can enjoy, the same magical sleep as enjoyed at Ireland’s most magical address in their own home. King Koil and Dromoland Castle have collaborated to launch the King Koil Dromoland Castle bed in top bed showrooms and furniture stockists across Ireland.

Tripadvisor™ reviewers fell for the blissful sleep of Dromoland Castle supported by King Koil’s spectacular mattress support. Featuring a deep sumptuous mattress pillow top, that is plush yet supportive, with breathable fabric and pressure-relieving memory foam for healthy comfort.  No less than 2,000 independent pocket springs support the body and minimise partner disturbance, while King Koil’s legendary back support and mattress edge protection, with re-inforced border encasement, ensure edge-to-edge sleeping comfort without roll-off. Naturally, all of King Koil’s premium mattresses come with a long-life 8-year warranty.

The King Koil Dromoland Castle bed comes with the added incentive of a free room upgrade at the Dromoland Castle Hotel with every purchase. For Irish sleepers looking forward to cosy winter nights, why not bring the luxurious comfort of the Dromoland Castle bed by King Koil into your own home. And enjoy a free room upgrade at Dromoland Castle, Ireland’s most magical address. Simply the stuff of dreams!

This exclusive promotion is in-store from 1 October to 31 December 2023.   Visit the website for your nearest stockists.

Six of the Best Sleep Tips from King Koil

Gentle exercise

A short walk, meditation or gentle stretching is an ideal precursor to a good night’s sleep.


Avoid alcohol and limit stimulants like tea, coffee, cola, energy drinks and even chocolate in the hours immediately before sleep.

Regular sleep cycle

Go to bed and get up at the same time, on a regular basis, so your body clock is in peak form, enhancing energy levels.

Wind down

Like children, bedtime routines are equally important for adults, who need to wind down too!

Don’t do bills or work directly before bed and don’t eat a heavy meal late at night.  A warm shower or bath, relaxing music, or light reading is a suitable sleep-inducing bedtime routine.

Create an atmosphere 

Make your room dark, with black-out curtains or blinds; avoid blue light, like computer and phone screens, and keep the room cool, at a temperature of between 16 and 20 degrees Celsius.

Get a comfortable bed

If you sleep better in other people’s houses, or in a hotel, then look at your bed! Mattresses should be changed every 8 years, and buying the best you can afford is a worthwhile investment in sleep quality.  An unsupportive bed contributes to back problems and disturbed sleep, with a knock-on effect on wellbeing and energ