Commercial Pilot and busy mum-of-three, Susan Furniss Radley is on a mission to make life easier for women across Ireland. Qualifying as a pilot at the age of 22 Susan spent over ten years flying commercially, becoming a captain in the process. In 2018, Susan left her high-flying career to launch The Wrist Pocket.


The Wrist Pocket signals the end of  scrambling through your bag looking for keys, card, cash, or your phone. The stylish purse includes two pockets and elasticated straps that slip snuggly onto the wrist, leaving your hands free and ready for anything.  The compact design neatly fits all your  essentials and is ideal for walking the dog, running errands, collecting the kids, yoga class and all types of activities.


The Wrist Pocket is available in two sizes (to suit all smart phone choices) and a variety of fun and eyecatching designs,  from the flamingo covered Venus to the monochrome chevrons of Hydrus. Priced at €30 and €45 the range is available to purchase from


Susan came up with the original idea for the wrist pocket years ago when she was backpacking around South America, and needed a solution to having her essentials at hand, but without the hassle of carrying a bag.  She created a basic prototype,  and it quickly replaced her handbag.


“As a busy Pilot and mum, it was a dream to always have my phone and money on my person, and my hands free for more important things, like playing with my kids, or during layovers and busy days at work,” says Susan. “I loved how easy it made my life, and how many women would stop me on the street to ask about it, I wanted to share this freedom with everybody.”


When the pandemic hit, Susan brought out a range of pocket sized moisturising sanitisers as well as bamboo masks, printed in Ireland with designs matching the Wrist Pockets. Susan reflects “It was a natural progression, now that these are our new essentials, they need to be as easy to reach for as your phone.”


The Wrist Pocket gives the freedom to slip your essentials on your wrist and walk out the door, living your life hands free, carefree and in the moment.