The perfect make-up is only achieved by using the best beauty tools. And not all brushes are equal! The shape and density of brushes play a decisive role in the application of different textures, such as liquid foundation, creamy concealer or powdery blush. But this is not the only reason to have various brushes in your tool bag, they can also be used to create very different effects.

The new brushes with synthetic bristles in the essence Trend Edition it’s BRUSH hour! which will be available from March 2020 – offer a fantastic variety of brush shapes and sizes to create different looks or try out new
ones. The special soft touch handles lie perfectly in the hand and ensure an accurate and safe application of the textures.


Eyeshadow Blending Brush, €1.90

The eyes can be emphasized in a variety of ways using different make-up styles. Not only the combination of the colours is important, but also the way they are blended with each other on the lid. The eyeshadow blender brush is ideal for creating smooth transitions.


Precise Eyeshadow Brush €1.90

For that extra special touch when it comes to eye makeup: with the precise eyeshadow brush, precise lines or
individual colour effects can be achieved extremely effectively. It’s the perfect tool to create a highlight in the inner corner of the eye, for blending powdery or creamy lines along the lid or for creating a cut crease.


The Eyeshadow Shader €1.90

The eyeshadow shader is used to generously and evenly spread the basic shade on the eyelid. It can then be used to easily apply additional eyeshadows in several layers. The eyeshadow shader is therefore an absolute must-have for eye make-up, as it applies just the right amount of eyeshadow on the eye.

The Precise Face Brush face €4.40

The precise face brush is the ideal beauty tool for conjuring-up special effects and defined contours on the face. Thanks to the slim, slightly tapered brush shape, contouring powder and highlighters can be applied where they are needed for an effective make-up look.

Face brush €4.80

Brushes like the face brush with less tightly bound and voluminous synthetic bristles are ideal for the smooth application and blending of powder textures such as setting powder, bronzer or blush. This brush is ideal for an effortless natural make-up look.


The Foundation Buffer Brush €4.95

The foundation brush smoothly applies liquid foundation – or a creamy blush or highlighter – and carefully works it into the skin. This brush has the optimal structure and size to create a natural make-up look and a flawless complexion.



Brush Holder €3.80

The brush holder is perfect for keeping your bathroom or dressing table a little tidier. Whether for storage or drying – thanks to the suction pad, it adheres firmly to clean, smooth surfaces after moistening and always keeps your favorite brushes close at hand so that you can create great looks in no time at all.