iWhite have just launched a new express teeth whitening kit and it looks like the dream

iWhite are constantly innovating, making it now possible to get whiter teeth in just 1 minute with iWhite Express (€39.99). iWhite Express has been clinically proven to be dental safe and instantly effective. You will see an immediate effect within just ONE minute! The disposable sponges are ultra-thin and flexible which ensures a maximum performance and are easily replaceable after one use. The combination of the ultra-thin sponge and innovative teeth whitening serum leads to pearly white teeth and long term cleanliness of the tooth surface.

The efficacy of iWhite Express is based on 2 elements:

1.Whitening Activator – a serum which contains Enzymatic whitening agents (removing plaque and stains), Enamel strengthening agents (Xylitol which reduces salivary acidity that erodes enamel & prevents bacteria from adhering to plaque), (Calcium which remineralises teeth), (Magnesium which remineralises teeth and neutralises acids) and refreshing agents

2.Stain Eraser sponge – Nanotechnology based sponge with particles that are 20,000 times smaller than the needle head and with a great absorption capacity to remove stains and plaque

Not only will you have visibly whiter teeth but this nifty new product will thoroughly and instantly cleanse and remove difficult-to-reach stains. Removes and prevents plaque build-up on the surface, resulting in healthier teeth by strengthening enamel and leaving you with minty fresh breath.

iWhite is available to purchase from pharmacies nationwide and online. The express kit will be on sale from tomorrow, April 25 onwards.