2019 the year of self-love and embracing your natural beauty

Many of us are obsessed with taking the perfect selfie, with reality TV and Hollywood stars setting the standards for distorted ‘flawlessness’ promoting the need for Veneers, Fillers and many other cosmetic procedures which is having a negative spiralling impact throughout the generations. 2019 is the year of self-love, a year of letting go of the bad habits we once had, comparing ourselves to Instagram’s ‘picture perfect’. We are going to learn how to truly love ourselves inside and out by embracing our natural beauty – iWhite have invented a teeth whitening treatment which is without peroxide but even more efficient as the product is based on a unique FCC (Filmo-crystallized Calcium) – technology which provides an instant whitening effect, actively removing stains and strengthens the teeth at the same time.

iWhite Instant (€29.99)

An easy to use, at home teeth whitening treatment. The product is composed of 10 thin and flexible trays to ensure a comfortable fit and maximum performance. No need to clean or boil mouthpieces, mess with syringes or brushes, measure gel or use special toothpastes or rinses. The product can be used for 5 consecutive days for even more astonishing results or you can use it once in a while whenever you feel it is necessary. The iWhite Instant whitening trays are one-size-fits-all and are individually packed guaranteeing you of a smile up to 8 shades whiter.


iWhite is available at www.iWhite.ie, cloud10beauty.com, and all major pharmacy’s nationwide.