When planning a wedding for many couples, naivety and a lack of information can create stress and tension during what should be a happy and carefree time, let alone dealing with the extra challenges of the past eighteen months. For stress-free wedding planning say hello to JaneyMac.ie!

JaneyMac.ie is a dedicated wedding platform to help couples plan their wedding that also offers professional wedding suppliers a platform to market their goods and services directly to their customers.

JaneyMac.ie is a one stop wedding planning website, offering couples a selection of unique wedding planning tools that will help them plan their day in a stress-free way, keeping them informed at a glance as to how their plans are coming along.

The wedding planning tools such as the Budget Calculator, are simple, easy-to-use and unique to JaneyMac.ie.

We don’t mean to boast but, the budget calculator is the only one in Ireland that allows you to change your guest numbers and instantly see an updated summary of your budget!

Pretty useful in the context of constantly changing guest number restrictions.

Planning your wedding is so easy and exciting with the JaneyMac Task Tracker. It tells you at a glance exactly how your wedding day plans are coming along, and what tasks you need to complete.

Oh and the guest list? No sweat, say hello to the Guest List Manager, designed so you can keep an eye on those all-important RSVPs.

But the best part is JaneyMac.ie is Ireland’s only 100% free wedding platform that doesn’t charge fees, subscriptions or commission to couples, suppliers or venues.

Now meet Mr. and Mrs. JaneyMac . . .

A.K.A. Brian Dunne and Jane McKenna, an enterprising couple, developed and launched JaneyMac.ie to give couples at home and abroad a platform to plan their wedding hassle free.

What better time to launch JaneyMac.ie with the everchanging wedding regulations in our current Irish climate!

Jane has a background in fashion design, specialising in bridal wear. She previously launched her own range of wedding dresses under her fashion label at the time, which was also named JaneyMac. However, she has since swapped the fashion industry for the classroom and now works as a secondary school Art & Design teacher loving every second spent nurturing her students’ talent and flair.

Brian on the other hand is a complete numbers man. He has a degree in mathematics and a background in finance. He also has a penchant for hurling and football!

Jane and Brian were both on work placement when they met on the 14th of December 2012.Jane was studying to be an art teacher, Brian was studying to be a maths teacher, and the rest as they say is history which neither studied! Cupid scored a match when Jane and Brian tied the knot on that exact date 7 years later.

When it came to planning their wedding in 2019, Jane was able to combine her fashion design and artistic talent and made practically everything from the invitations to her wedding dress, which she enjoyed immensely. Brian being the whizz that he is, looked after all the financial planning and budgets. As much as they both loved planning their big day, Jane and Brian discovered how stressful and challenging organising a wedding can be, the time and energy involved and how complicated it could become.

Spotting an opportunity to create and design a website that offers stress-free wedding planning tools, they were perfectly primed to develop JaneyMac.ie.

But they took it a few steps further by offering Irish wedding suppliers a marketing platform and setting up a wedding shop offering stunning stationery designed by Jane, and accessories for the wedding parties. For a wedding planning website that offers much more visit JaneyMac.ie!

“Our decision to keep JaneyMac.ie 100% free was made in the context of the difficulties faced by everyone in the wedding industry since early last year” – Mr. & Mrs. JaneyMac

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