When we talk about veganism, we think of dietary changes first – swapping out dairy and meat for other alternatives. However, for many vegans, the lifestyle goes beyond just diet and extends to what they wear and even what they have in their bathroom cabinet! If you’re looking to reset your beauty habits and commit to a new cleaner approach when it comes to skincare then look no further than Codex Beauty.

The vegan, organic, cruelty free and sustainable skincare brand sources only organic certified ingredients and from Irish growers where possible. If your new year’s resolution is to become more eco conscious in your lifestyle choices then a vegan skincare regime by Codex Beauty could be for you.  Looking to introduce a more 2021 conscious regime this year, here’s one from Codex Beauty’s Bia Collection that doesn’t compromise on effectiveness.

Step 1: Cleanse

First cleanse with the Bia Exfoliating Wash (RRP €50). Wet skin for a gentler scrub or apply it on dry skin for a deeper cleanse. Either way, this scrub is a lot gentler than most others; it’s more like a polish. The grains, made from jojoba oil, are similar to a wax, so there’s no roughness, just effective light polishing. Castor, thistle and safflower oils draw grease and grime from the skin without drying it out.

Step 2: Target

Next, pat on the Bia Eye Gel Cream (RRP €72). This tightening and cooling eye gel gives you an instant tightening effect due to the aloe vera gel and special formulation we created with xanthan gum. The arnica also helps de-puffs the eyes by improving circulation. Keep your tube in the fridge so it’s extra cooling after a late night and helps revive tired eyes!

Step 3: Hydrate

Layer on the Bia Facial Oil (RRP €100) to get the ultimate hydration boost. Codex Beauty choose thin and dry oils so that this elixir is really well absorbed into the skin instead of collecting in the pores. Seaweed-infused oil—which is hand harvested off the west coast of Ireland—provides a full range of vitamins and minerals, along with sea buckthorn, rosehip oil and soothing bog myrtle essential oil. This oil is made with wild Irish ingredients for wild Irish weather!

Step 4: Protect

Seal everything in with the Bia Day Cream (RRP €78): this is wonderfully light but really does the job in terms of hydration. It has oil and water infusions of calendula to deliver all the best constituents from the plant. Plant-derived hyaluronic acid is added and the scent is just a little mandarin essential oil, which balances sebum levels. This cream is good in warm weather or for those with combination skin.