The sun may be hiding from us temporarily but we are hoping for a reappearance soon. Lockdown has seen paddling pools, swings and getting out and about as much as possible become the biggest family trend for 2020. Whether you are planning a staycation or a trip abroad you’ll need to stay protected. How do you protect the kids and keep the fun coming? Easy peasy you just reach for one of the worlds most trusted skincare brands.

Since 1935 Ambre Solaire has been known as an expert brand in sun protection, with generations of products that say “summer is here!”. Right now they want to help make sunshine time nothing but fun and safe for you and your kids. Developed with pioneering labs and research, Ambre Solaire creates innovative filtering systems and textures designed for optimal effectiveness, comfort and ease, and formulas that are developed under dermatological and pediatric supervision. 






It’s not always easy to keep your children protected in the sun. 

They’re constantly on the move and in and out of the water so they need protection that stays on and is fast, easy — and fun — to apply and reapply on wet or sandy skin. With this in mind Ambre Solaire has studied not only the effects of the sun but also children’s activity in order to create formulas that offer optimum defense, convenience and comfort. 



Towel off the kids to re-apply sunscreen? Easier than it sounds! You end up applying sunscreen on damp skin, which drastically reduces sun protection. 

Classic suncare products don’t always adhere to damp skin: it often dilutes and creates gaps in protection that compromise efficacy. 

This new Ambre Solaire product is designed to go onto wet skin for optimum protection in no time. No matter how wet the kids are, their skin can still be maximally defended from the sun’s harmful rays. 


The innovative formula contains two hydrophilic gelling agents that render it water-resistant. A uniform and water-repelling barrier is formed over the skin, even when it is wet. 

Warm sun and sandy beaches mean kids and their parents need high performance protection from the sun’s harmful rays…and they would also love it if the sand wouldn’t stick to their skin. With Garnier’s first anti-sand product, kids can stay comfortable in the sand, perfectly protected from harmful UVs, without any itchy sand sensations. The patented Mexoryl® XL sunscreen system provides advanced sun protection and goes on, stays on and doesn’t feel sticky or heavy on the skin and the light mist spray offers a 360° application, making it EASY PEASY to apply and re-apply without the kids even noticing. 



Sandy? No Problem.


An extremely fine spray mist, opalescent droplets disappear instantly on the skin, while special absorbent agents help prevent sand from adhering to the skin. Kids can play without feeling gritty or sticky. 


Garnier Ambre Solaire Sensitive Advanced Kids Sun Lotion 

Developed for fair, sensitive and sun intolerant skin, the formula is tested under paediatric control. Hypoallergenic, no perfume and no colourants. The formula has a light texture and is water resistant. 


The filtration system, including Mexoryl ®SX, helps protect against: 

  • UVB: Immediate sun-induced skin damage 
  • UVA: long-term sun-induced skin damage and premature skin-ageing. 


Formula conforms 100% to European recommendations for protection against the harmful effects of UVA and UVB rays. 

Garnier suncare research is recognised by the British Skin Foundation.