KEVIN.MURPHY is honored to announce the first winner of its KEVIN.MURPHY ICON AWARD. The KEVIN.MURPHY ICON Award is a bi-yearly global award, acknowledging and celebrating the everyday heroes, The ICONS. The ICONS are stylists that have a positive impact on the environment, people’s lives and/or communities, making a difference in the hair industry and the world around it. 


“The Choices We Make involve the Choices that are related to Environment, Philanthropy, Diversity and Humanity. So now we want to shift the focus from The Choices that We Make, to The Choices that You Make, by implementing this award. The purpose of the award is to highlight the amazing work done by stylists within our community, that are also positively and actively impacting the environment, people’s lives and/or communities” – Kevin Murphy explains.


At KEVIN.MURPHY we believe an ICON is a leader; an ICON creates a ripple that transcends our industry. The team behind the Hair Together programme is utilising the skills in their profession as stylists, and using them to create good in this world. For that reason, and many more, KEVIN.MURPHY is proud to have chosen Hair Together as the first recipient of the ICON AWARD.


The organization Hair Together is spearheaded by Eileen McHugh (GOLD.KEY, KEVIN.MURPHY), Gemma McCabe (psychotherapist) and Tony O’Reilly (Master Barber). Hair Together is an Irish Social Enterprise personal development programme. Hair Together focuses on engaging teens and young adults who are potentially vulnerable to drug taking in the disadvantaged area of inner-city Dublin, Ireland. Three directors, having had first-hand experience of drug addiction, were perfectly placed to design and implement a program of real impact.


Through hairdressing and barbering, along with a 10-week wellness wrap-around programme, youths can engage in an immersive experience to support their personal creativity, invention, self-motivation, confidence and positive risk-taking, all while creating a supportive and encouraging environment to provide a platform for individual expression and personal growth and happiness. 


At KEVIN.MURPHY we are now on the lookout for the next ICON AWARD winner, and we will open submissions in 2023. Now is the time to start up the project or program that you wish to submit to the next KEVIN.MURPHY ICON AWARD.

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