From the birthplace of perfumery, the scent of happiness.

When the morning dew illuminates fields of roses with fresh purity, filling the air with their scent, La Vie est Belle. In 2022, La Vie est Belle and the Grasse terroir of the Domaine de la Rose Lancôme, release a new scent composed with Lancôme’s Centifolia Rose, the iconic rose of Grasse, at its heart – La Vie est Belle Domaine de la Rose.

For the first time Lancôme will use its home-grown rose from its Domaine de la Rose. This new interpretation of Lancôme’s classic fragrance La Vie est Belle places this green crisp and pure centifolia roses at the center of its olfactive signature.

The Domaine de la Rose Lancôme, a perfume legacy in Grasse

Between the mountains and the Mediterranean, in this haven of biodiversity, organic-certified, the new home of Lancôme’s perfume expertise features one of the largest rose fields of Grasse. Cultivated in accordance with sustainable and certified organic agriculture requirements, these roses reveal their exceptional beauty. Organic Centifolia Rose, with its singular delicate, green, herbaceous, fruity and luminous notes, translates a new expression of happiness and heritage in an exclusive limited edition: La Vie est Belle Domaine de la Rose.

Heritage and happiness, 2022 inauguration

Rooting its fragrance expertise in the birthplace of perfume, this year Lancôme inaugurates the Domaine de la Rose in Grasse. Historically present in the region, the French house extends its commitment to the protection and preservation of perfume savoir-faire in Grasse, which has been classified by UNESCO, all while pursuing its vocation as a fragrance house.

Taking inspiration in the flower gardens of Armand Petitjean, the French perfumer who founded Lancôme in 1935, the Domaine de la Rose, perfectly situated between sea and mountains on ECOCERT-certified land, is composed of 4 hectares of fields, hundreds of year-old terraces and a distillery.

Here, Lancôme cultivates a variety of roses and fragrance flower species in accordance with organic farming principles. Those include maintaining high biodiversity and respecting soil fertility and living ecosystems by using the estate’s organic matter for plant nurture, and by eco-pasturing using sheep.

A legacy for the house’s emblematic flower, the Domaine de la Rose Lancôme aims to use every last part of the rose – flower, petal, stem and roots – to create new active ingredients and to achieve a «zero waste» objective in all production processes.

The organic Centifolia Rose harvest takes place daily in May, starting at sunrise until noon, before the flowers open. These conditions of the May harvest by passionate teams who hand pick them every year, help to ensure optimum freshness for Lancôme’s Centifolia Rose, with its delicate, green, herbaceous, fruity and luminous notes.

Happiness expressed a new, the purity of the Centifolia Rose

Concentrated perfume extract, La Vie est Belle Domaine de la Rose symbolize the beauty of Lancôme’s exclusive organically grown roses from the Domaine.

Created by Dominique Ropion and Anne Flipo (IFF), master perfumers of the original eau de parfum, the new fragrance opens in the freshness of a herbaceous accord. Like morning dew illuminating each rose plant with pure radiance, this green note radiates with a spark of bergamot and punch of pink pepper.

At its heart, Centifolia Rose absolute of the Domaine de la Rose reveals the singular fresh, petal-like beauty of this exceptional variety, a symbol of the Grasse region. Supported by the headier, ultra-faceted scent of a Damascena rose essence created for Lancôme, it creates a symphony of roses in all their facets.

Essential to La Vie est Belle’s adored signature, Patchouli essential oil from Bali and enriched Pallida Iris concrete, both crafted for Lancôme, blend with the original’s Gourmand accord for a fragrance experience of intense sensuality.

Between eco-responsibility and design

Purity of matter meets purity of form: La Vie est Belle Domaine de la Rose instils Lancôme’s eco-responsible approach from the heart of the fragrance to the tips of the bottle’s wings. The absolute of organic roses grown and picked at Domaine de la Rose is an exclusive ingredient of the Lancôme perfumery palette in a fragrance of exception that contains a 100% plant-based alcohol.

Purity of form – the much-loved recyclable glass bottle of La Vie est Belle is adorned with recycled organza wings. The original’s famous «crystal smile» is reinvented in an immaculate white case crafted without plastic, made instead of recyclable bio-cellulose shell. Cast into the bottle’s silhouette to match its shape, Lancôme team’s achieve a purity of design, that minimizes use of resources. A symbol of sustainable luxury.

RRP: €85.00 (30ml)