Feeling comfortable in your own skin no longer comes in one size, shape or colour only. At This Works, they help you celebrate your body – and all bodies – by helping you practice skin positivity, whatever scars, stretch marks, lumps and bumps you proudly bear.

Go filter-free this summer and embrace all that you are with mood-boosting, vegan bodycare that will leave your skin nourished and glowing.

This Works takes feeling comfortable in your own skin to new levels this Summer by introducing the new perfect legs body butter to the already celebrated and much-loved Perfect range. Clean, 98% natural and with an uplifting functional fragrance, perfect legs body butter reveals your skin at its very best, giving you immediate skin confidence. No filters, no retouching and no lighting effects are required. Rich, deeply hydrating and restoring, this indulgent new cream does so much more than just moisturise and conditioning dry skin; it strengthens and supports a healthy skin barrier helping to brighten and add radiance to a dull tone. Whether used as part of a simple but positive body regime or on its own after a bath or shower, perfect legs body butter’s rich but non-greasy formula helps to soothe irritation and reduce skin roughness, helping deliver instant glow-giving effects with long-term benefits such as increased elasticity and protection against daily climatic aggressions from pollution and UV damage.

A 98% natural, vegan body butter with Hemp extract to help support skin, moisturising Hyaluronic Acid, nourishing Shea Butter and uplifting essential oils.

This Works perfect legs body butter (£25/€33 200ml)

WHEN: As part of your daily bodycare ritual (and accompanied by positive affirmations if that’s your thing), massage a generous amount of this rich cream into dry, dull skin anywhere on the body to help improve rough texture and uneven tone. The indulgent texture works to smooth out scalyness and bumps while reducing irritation from dryness and over time improving the look and feel of stretch marks, scars, bumpy skin and uneven pigmentation.

HOW: Hemp Seed Extract (or Cannabiot) helps to soothe irritated skin, reducing the trans-epidermal water loss that occurs throughout the day and more drastically at night. It also protects and balances the microbiome of the skin, modulating the microbiota of healthy skin and recovering its biodiversity after skin irritation. As a topical ingredient, it can increase skin hydration by 15.4% and elasticity by 49.7%, all the while decreasing scalyness and roughness. On top of this, the replenishing and soothing properties of Shea Butter work to repair dry, cracked skin as well as protect the skin from climatic daily aggressions. Hyaluronic acid, the super hydrator helps the skin retain moisture so that it looks and feels plumper and fuller and has a positive impact on hydration and skin health in both the upper and lower layers of the epidermis.

WHY: Our aim, as with all our Perfect body products, is to help you feel good about your body, to help you love the bits you love to hate and love the bits you already love a little more. Be kind to your skin and carve out that extra few minutes for self-care with this indulgent body butter that makes you glow from inside out, and outside in. Our body butter also includes a 100% natural functional fragrance proven to dial-up feelings of pleasure, confidence and comfort as you use it – enjoy the uplifting scent of Geranium and Sweet Orange essential oils.

DIRECTIONS: Apply a generous scoop to dry skin from head to toe and massage into limbs in long, upward strokes.

perfect legs body butter (£25/€33 200ml) is available from Cloud10 Beauty, Shaws Department Stores, Arnotts, Brown Thomas, Meaghers, McCabes, McCauleys, Avoca, Carraig Dunne and select Pharmacies Nationwide.