Lucy Kennedy, the Irish Brand Ambassador for Eminence Organic Skin Care, recently enjoyed an Eminence Organic Facial and was delighted with the results of the luxurious organic treatment that gives results that are the same as pharma/cosmaceutical treatments. You can see her before and afters in this  video which has amassed over 30,000 views on Instagram and Facebook versions.


Lucy fell in love with the environmentally-friendly brand at the launch of The Wicklow Street Clinic in 2018, the Dublin 2 flagship clinic, where Eminence is distributed to spas and salons around Ireland.


“It smells good enough to eat, in fact you can eat it (I’ve tried), but it actually works and each product does exactly what it says it will do – from the peptides to the retinol alternatives – to their overnight masks with startling effects. The luxury spa aspect is just a bonus. Planting a tree for every product sold is just magic,” says Lucy.


An Eminence facial uses ingredients from active organically grown fruits, flowers, herbs and spices with active proteins and peptides all researched and clinically proven to deliver results. The ingredients are prepared with time honoured herbal traditions blended with cutting edge scientific research to give results you will immediately see and feel in your skin.


A skin consultation is always the key in determining the correct treatment. Eminence facials work incredibly well on: acne, rosacea, pigmentation, age spots, oily skin, wrinkles and fine lines, eczema, psoriasis and loss of elasticity.


Eminence uses solar and wind energy to create and manufacture its products, a tree is planted for every product sold (13 million to date), recyclable packaging and cornstarch inner packaging is used. Eminence is the only skincare company in the world to carry out these three groundbreaking environmentally friendly company policies.


A consultation with one of the clinic’s professional therapists costs €20 and is redeemable against the product purchase.


Lucy’s Facial


Lucy was advised to have the Eminence Personalised Prescription facial – This unforgettable facial was tailored to her specific skincare needs needs. She enjoyed an Hungarian massage that de-stressed her and found it softened any fine lines. She enjoyed the delicious fresh fruit pulps and aromas of powerful herbal, flower and plant combinations proven to deliver optimal skin renewal results.


Nature provides even better safe scientific results for all skin conditions. While your skin is being transformed you will deeply relax during your facial muscle lifting and toning hungarian massage. This potent facial will be tailored to your very specific needs on the day and will continuously be tailored as your skin changes over days, months, seasons and years.Time: 60 minutes – Cost: €100


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