As business women and mothers, the trio of sisters behind the luxury tanning brand, Lusso Tan, together with Down Syndrome Ireland, hope to give the gift of time to mums across Ireland this Mother’s Day with their latest campaign; #Take15Minutes. To highlight the campaign, Lusso Tan are launching a limited edition self-tan removing bath bomb; Lusso Tan Summer Meadow Bath Bomb, and are donating a percentage of the proceeds to Down Syndrome Ireland.

Knowing all too well the importance of balancing parenting with everyday life, Leah White, Sarah White and Lynsey Bennett, the founders of Lusso Tan, understand the benefits of how taking a short amount of time out of their busy schedules for themselves, can make a significant difference to their lifestyle and state of mind – and hope to encourage more mums to do the same.

Lynsey Bennett, co-founder of Lusso Tan states,“We believe it is so important for mothers to allocate  ‘me-time’ into their routine and leave behind the chaos of juggling motherhood with day to day life – even just for 15 minutes. Many mums that we have spoken to recently have told us they can’t remember the last time they even had a bath! This Mother’s Day, we want Mum’s to take control of their own self-care by taking just 15 minutes to enjoy the many benefits of a calming and relaxing bath and at the same time benefit a charity that is so close to many people in Ireland.”

In 2019, the innovative Lusso Tan original Bath Bomb was launched, as part of the Lusso Tan collection and became a viral sensation for its self-tan removing abilities and skin-soothing properties – selling over 25,000 units in just three months.

Mary Doherty, former president of Down Syndrome Ireland and mum of Aaron, aged 11, states, “We are delighted to be a part of this important initiative. As busy mums and parents of children with disabilities, we often get so caught up fulfilling our everyday roles that we forget we need to take care of ourselves too. By reminding mums to take just 15 minutes of self-care, Lusso Tan are promoting and encouraging a more balanced life – which will not only have benefits for mental health, but will allow us to be refreshed and energised to take on the ever-changing demands of our busy lives – whatever the task may be! Down Syndrome Ireland is an organisation that I hold close to my heart, so I am thrilled that funds raised from this initiative will go on to support so many others beginning their journey.”

The funds raised from the sale of the Lusso Tan Summer Meadow Bath Bomb will go towards developing a booklet for new parents of babies with Down syndrome.

How a parent is told their child has Down syndrome can have a major impact and can stay with them for the rest of their lives.  Time and time again, parents tell us they receive a lot of biased information about possible health complications and diminished future prospects. Down Syndrome Ireland aims to ensure that parents have access to some positive stories of having a child with Down syndrome in the form of a bright and engaging booklet featuring parents sharing their stories and images of babies with Down syndrome living happy, healthy and fulfilling lives with their family. The new booklet will be distributed to maternity units around the country.

For more information on Down Syndrome Ireland and the services they provide, please visit: The Special Edition Lusso Tan Summer Meadow Bath Bombs are available exclusively online at and make ideal Mother’s Day gifts for friends and family.