Feel the difference from the moment you start to wash until you finish and style; Mane ‘n Tail, the original horse to human crossover shampoo provides fuller, stronger, longer, healthier hair.

Developed in New Jersey 40 years ago, Mane‘n Tail started life as a horse grooming product, which delivered high gloss, increased nourishment, and stronger hair growth in the animals. Clever horse owners tried Mane‘n Tail on their own hair, and soon discovered that with just the tiniest amount of this ultra-rich formula, they too enjoyed outstanding results and amazing improvement in dry and damaged hair.

Mane‘n Tail is a multi award-winning product in beauty trials around the globe. A full range of shampoos, conditioners, detangling, strengthening, and shine products has been developed, alongside the original formula, with luxurious Colour Protect, Deep Moisturising, Herbal Essentials and Gentle Clarifying variations included, each designed for different hair types, including dry, coloured and oily formulations.

The shampoo contains high lathering agents, fortified with moisturisers, to leave hair soft and ultra clean. Protein enriched conditioner helps nourish and aid growth, leaving hair lustrous and silky. Priced from just €7 for regular 355ml shampoo and conditioner, Mane‘n Tail is now available in larger Dunnes Stores outlets, Boots and in pharmacies nationwide. Hair Strengthener spray costs €13 for 178ml bottles, and the deep moisturising range is €9.

Photos: Kieran Harnett

Small Application, Big Results!

Horse hair is five times stronger than human hair, so Mane‘n Tail is very concentrated and takes just a small application for long-lasting results. As well as improving texture and promoting growth in all hair types, Mane ‘n Tail’s Deep Moisturising Shampoo can also be used on hair extensions, and helps match the texture of the extension to that of the natural hair.

The moisturising range of Mane‘n Tail shampoos and conditioners is very effective as a treatment mask on hair, and can be used once a month, for 20 minutes, on hair wrapped in a warm towel. Mane‘n Tail’s Detangler makes styling effortless for all hair types, producing shiny sleek hair that brushes through with ease.

As well as hair care solutions for longer, stronger, fuller, thicker hair, there is also Mane ‘n Tail Hoofmaker, a multi-purpose moisturising cream for dry and cracked skin, which produces great results on hands, elbows, and feet. Priced at €8 for 175ml, Hoofmaker helps maintain strong and flexible nails, softens calluses, and conditions areas of rough skin by restoring vital nutrients.

Mane ‘n Tail Haircare


Colour Protect Shampoo: For use on dry, coloured hair; to nourish, improve texture and promote hair growth.

Original Shampoo: For use on non-coloured hair; to nourish, fortify, and promote healthy hair growth, as well as balance the natural oils on the scalp.

Deep Moisturising Shampoo: Moisturising treatment for dry, damaged, brittle hair, only once or twice a week, and as a monthly leave-in treatment, if required. Also, for use on hair extensions.

Herbal Essentials Shampoo: For use on all hair types; fortifies and promotes hair growth, and also good on coloured hair that has oily tendencies.

Gentle Clarifying Shampoo: A light, replenishing formula designed to restore, revitalise and recondition for a renewed, silkier, healthier look and feel. It’s gentle enough to use every day, while completely removing daily build-up.


Colour Protect Conditioner: Intensive conditioning for dry, coloured hair.

Original Conditioner: For use on non-coloured hair; to condition, nourish and fortify natural hair.

Deep Moisturising Conditioner: For use on dry, brittle, damaged hair growth, on hair extensions, and as a treatment mask.

Herbal Essentials Conditioner: For all hair types, particularly coloured hair with oily tendencies.  Helps to nourish, fortify, and promote hair growth.

Gentle Replenishing Conditioner: A weightless conditioner that provides hair with just enough moisturising benefits to detangle without build-up.

Detangler:  A leave-in conditioning treatment, producing silky tresses that are effortless to style. Liberally spray onto damp hair and brush through with ease, no matter how matted the hair.

Hair StrenghtenerAn advanced daily leave-in conditioning treatment that provides essential protection to help achieve longer, stronger, healthier looking hair. Also acts as a protection layer preventing heat damage from hair straighteners and hair dryers.

Packaging on the original Mane‘n Tail hair-care range hasn’t changed, with galloping horses to the fore on functional blue and yellow packs.  This marketing decision emphasises the fact that the rich, highly effective formula hasn’t changed either, and 40 years later still promises luxuriously soft hair at a great value price.